Accessibility TODO list

This is what we are working on at the moment.

The current main focus is on the keyboard event/shortcut support, because this is strongly needed for Orca to work with gtk4 or wayland.

At-spi bus connection

  • Connection
    • Emmanuele: on wayland
      • between applications and AT
      • between AT
      • In at-spi2-core
    • Qt: ditto in Qt, Jeremy Whiting was wondering about it
    • Samuel: ditto on X11
  • authorization on trusted AT
    • Emmanuele: on wayland
    • Samuel: ditto on X11

"what is under the mouse?" IPC

  • need relative coordinates IPC
  • Emmanuele: "mouse moved to another Accessible" notification (toolkit)
  • Carlos: "mouse moved to another window" notification (compositor)
  • Also between words within text

Key events/shortcuts

  • Key events
    • Emmanuele/Samuel: reworked at-spi interface for key events
    • Mike: xinput2 for key events
    • Carlos/Pete?: wayland compositor support for key events
    • Carlos/Pete/Samuel: Braille device input support (some events to AT, some events normal keyboard)
    • Carlos/Pete/Samuel: other device input support (e.g. speech to text or devices yet to invent)
    • Carlos: wayland compositor support for xcompose / input method
  • key shortcuts
    • Mike: xinput2 for key shortcut registration
    • Carlos/Pete?: wayland compositor support for key shortcut registration (in libinput?)

a11y stack revamping

  • Emmanuele: go through IPCs for cleaning up (and Hypra check that we don't clean too much)
  • Emmanuele: revamp at-spi2-atk / ATK
    • Emmanuele: making sure one can make homemade widgets accessible
    • Emmanuele: integrate in the widget authoring guide the documentation for making it accessible
    • Hypra: keeping an eye on what is needed for ATs
    • outline of approach:

  • Talking dbus directly
    • Emmanuele: create a generated stub library for talking dbus directly
    • Emmanuele: make gtk use it
    • Samuel: Update java-atk-wrapper, or rather make it use that library
    • Update webkit
    • Update Firefox, make it use library for own document rendering
    • Update Chromium, make it use library for own document rendering
    • Update LibreOffice, make it use library for own document rendering

  • DONE There is an MR now:

a11y testing

  • integrate gla11y call in gnome packages builds
    • DONE Samuel: whitepaper
    • Qt: Qt port, Matthieu Hazon was interested, mailed him. Also mailed André de la Rocha, who blogged last about Qt accessibility
    • Matthias: GTK tool
  • gtk4-demo
    • gtk: Add a tab that contains the detail of what the user is supposed to be able to read, to make sure that a non-sighted person knows it managed to read everything.
    • hypra: Test it
  • flatpak
    • hypra: Test accessibility working at all in flatpak (see Accessibility/TestingGtk) and report if it doesn't work

    • Emmanuele: make CI pipeline push latest flatpak image build on a stable URL
    • hypra: Test flatpak image when appropriate


  • Configurable bits (without having to go through a theme)
  • DONE Emmanuele:

  • DONE Sébastien: organize conf call to make a checkpoint 2nd or 3rd week of September
  • Sébastien: when we feel it useful after testing the new at-spi implementation, organize conf call to make a checkpoint

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