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Report for the Third Quarter 2012


Note: This is currently where team members should list the stuff they would like to see included in the team report which we submit to the GNOME Marketing Team. It's not a report until it winds up here. :)

Stuff to Include

  • Development
    • GNOME Shell Magnifier
      • Universal Access (GNOME Control Center)
        • Modified the Zoom Options panel to support inverse video, brightness, contrast, and grey scale preferences.
      • Focus Tracking
        • Interim Python script for focus tracking added to pyatspi2 distribution.
        • Added examples folder to pyatspi2 for future code examples.
    • Your item here
    • Your item here
  • Sales, Marketing, Fundraising
    • The Friends of GNOME Accessibility campaign successfully concluded by reaching its US $20,000 goal. Many thanks to those who contributed!
    • Your item here
    • Your item here
  • Events Attended, Presentations Given
    • Your item here
    • Your item here
    • Your item here


(PiƱeiro and Joanie will compose this based on the content provided above. The due date provided by the Marketing Team is <to be determined>. Therefore having your summaries a few days before that would be helpful. Thanks!)

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