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Report for the Fourth Quarter 2010


Joanmarie Diggs and Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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WebKitGtk+ A11y

Submitted by Mario Sanchez Prada, 10 Jan 2011


Plans for the Q1 of 2011 is to keep working on a11y bugs, but this time focused on those "bugs blocking Orca support for rich internet applications (and other stuff)" (bug 30796), such as those related to properly exposing embedded objects across with text paragraphs and improving the support of the WAI-ARIA specification in WebKitGTK+.

GNOME Shell Magnifier

Submitted by Joseph Scheuhammer, 12 Jan 2011

  • Published first draft of Common Magnifier Framework.

  • Investigated various technologies in order to provide colour, brightness, and contrast control. Technologies included Clutter, Cogl, and GLSL (OpenGL shading language).
    • Began implementation of brightness and contrast enhancements using Clutter's shader implementation where the actual work is done using GLSL.
    • Will submit patch early in first quarter of 2011.
  • Modified magnifier preferences dialog (switch from GConf to GSettings) based on review of patch (622414, comment 64). Latest patch was submitted 11/11/11.

  • Improvements to existing functionality:
    • Reviewed and approved patches that optimize performance (633582 and 633553).

    • Reviewed and approved fix to add padding near the edges of the screen edge when using proportional mouse tracking (629950).


Submitted by Daniel Garcia, 17 Feb 2011

  • AtkTextInterface is implemented in Evince since 2.32 but needs poppler 0.16 to work.

  • Caret mode is implemented and works for pdf documents, but patches are waiting for approval. Pressing F7 change between caret mode and normal mode. In caret mode you can navigate throught text using normal keys, left, right, up and down, and select text pressing shift + normal movement keys.
  • AtkHypertext interface is implemented and patches are waiting for approval. It's needed to test it more, but it seems to work, so links are accessibles in PDF too.

  • Text attributes like font family are exposed in AtkText interface and a patch is sended. I'm working currently fixing that patch to make it better. Depends on poppler patch, so needed poppler 0.18 (patch to expose text attributes in poppler glib sended, waiting for revision/approval)

  • bugs: 638905 639403 639932


Submitted by Mike Gorse, 17 Feb 2011

  • Refactored the AT-side bindings to create a C library (called libatspi) with Python bindings created with the help of pygobject. Note that libatspi is conceptually similar but not API-compatible with the original CSPI library, as some changes were made to improve compatibility with gobject-introspection.
  • Merged in support for direct DBus connections between ATs and the apps that they inspect. This greatly improves performance, together with the C refactor.

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