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Implementation of Cursor and Focus Tracking in eZoom

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eZoom is a plugin for Compiz which provides basic, full-screen magnification functionality enabling users with low vision to interact with their desktop environment and the applications therein. eZoom lacks cursor and focus tracking, however. As a result, the user must frequently use the mouse to bring the area being worked on into view, making the user less efficient. The addition of cursor and focus tracking would help many low vision users throughout the world. By adding this functionality, many low vision users would have a complete solution in free software.

The GNOME Accessibility Team is grateful to Diferen├žas for providing the support needed to complete this work.

Description of the work

  • Evaluate solutions for adding both cursor and focus tracking to eZoom and implement the best solution. Two possible solutions are:
    • Feed events of interest to eZoom through D-bus (e.g. from Assistive Technologies such as Orca) and enable eZoom to follow the cursor. Kristian Lyngstol, the eZoom maintainer, has a proof-of-concept implementation.

    • Enable Compiz to receive AT-SPI-information so that eZoom and other parts of Compiz can benefit from knowing where the cursor is.

  • Evaluate the feasibility of exposing the controls, so that Assistive Technologies including Orca could control eZoom.

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