Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by Piñeiro at 16:04 CET.
  • Meeting ended at 17:15 CET.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Piñeiro - API (85)
    • Joanie - joanie (70)
    • Joseph - clown (62)
    • Magdalen - magpie (28)
    • Juanjo - jjmarin (19)
  • Log

Our GSoC/OPW candidate

W3C Update

  • Results page for ARIA testing is now public:

  • The report shows the results for different browsers, and for different accessbility APIs.
  • The rows are the different test cases. Clicking the link of a test case will take you to a more detailed view of who ran the test, and what they declared about it.
  • Example: test case 163:

  • A test case where the role="button" and aria-pressed="mixed". The expected result, alas, is not shown.
  • Each tester is assigned a specific platform. Joseph has been focusing on FF/ATK/AT-SPI.
  • Everywhere there is a "Pass" in the right most column of the overall results indicates that the specific aria markup is successfully implemented by two platforms. Meaning, meets success wrt to W3C's CR criteria.
  • Although it seems a really interesting and complete test suite GNOME developers are concerned about the involvement of execute the tests with at-spi2 as any bug could be a bug in at-spi2, and not in the implementation of the spec itself.
  • We are also worried about the lack of automatic execution and the fact that they are not integrated with the already existing browsers test suites (ff and webkit).
  • In our opinion, it would be good to have all those tests integrated.
  • As Joanie put it, "I seriously think the thing to do is get these tests added to the implementor's test suites, then you get automation and also buy-in, and less work."


  • Nothing to see here, please move on.

Miscellaneous Time

  • Nothing logged.

Action Items

  • Juanjo:
    • Help magpie to send her application to OPW and GSoC.

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Joanie:
    • Email Mark Sadecki about our team meetings and invite him to join us to provide W3C updates.
    • Do a full evaluation of the accessibility breakage in Evolution 3.6 and file bugs accordingly.
  • Juanjo:
    • Take a look at the current a11y material in order to make an action plan.
  • Piñeiro:
    • Send a email to accessibility-dev, just in case the Wayland Accessibility section needs to be filled.
    • Compose a "what accessibility needs from Wayland, how to use it" email, ask for review, send to the Wayland Developer's list.
    • Ping GNOME designers, so hopefully some default keybinding will be available for 3.8.
    • Create some usability-configurability related bugs, using Bryen's mail as a starting point.
    • Update the AtkObject:children-changed documentation, as this could be also used on ATK implementors.

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