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   1 16:08:47 <joanie> #startmeeting
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   4 16:08:59 <joanie> #topic Code Freeze is Monday!
   5 16:09:25 <joanie> #info The topic pretty much says it all. We've only got a few days left.
   6 16:09:52 <joanie> #info The good news is that Piñeiro fixed the issue where clutter-gtk apps were not giving us accessible keyboard events.
   7 16:10:13 <joanie> #info Joanie will do the Orca review of the new gnome-shell UI this weekend.
   8 16:10:27 <joanie> #info But the keyboard navigation bug in the new UI was fixed.
   9 16:10:57 <joanie> #info It is looking very likely that we will not have the default a11y start/stop default keyboard shortcuts this release.
  10 16:11:46 <joanie> #info Piñeiro did his promised pinging, and while the impression we get is that everyone thinks the idea in general is good, there hasn't been any concrete actions taken by the design folks and others to push this forward.
  11 16:12:02 <joanie> anyone have anything else to add?
  12 16:13:28 <joanie> I guess we should add the crasher we were talking about....
  13 16:13:48 <joanie> #info Mike ran into a crasher using Evo+WebKit. We are still investigating.
  14 16:14:12 <joanie> #info But if we can pin down where the problem is and fix it, that would be good to have in time for 3.8 -- or 3.8.1 at the latest.
  15 16:15:23 <joanie> ok, I'm guessing since this is a two person + one lurker meeting, it's safe to move on
  16 16:15:28 <joanie> #topic GSoC
  17 16:15:58 <joanie> #info Marina announced that GNOME will be applying as a mentoring organization for GSoC on 29 March.
  18 16:16:08 <joanie> #info
  19 16:16:18 <mgorse> hmm
  20 16:16:27 <joanie> #info She has announced a call for Ideas
  21 16:16:33 <joanie>
  22 16:16:50 <joanie> #info It appears that we don't have to have a formal committment in time for 29 March.
  23 16:17:04 <joanie> #info But if we have ideas we'd like to propose, we only have a couple of weeks.
  24 16:17:10 <mgorse> We should let Luke know, too, if he doesn't already
  25 16:17:20 <joanie> know what?
  26 16:17:40 <mgorse> that GNOME has applied to be a GSoC mentoring organization
  27 16:17:52 <joanie> mgorse: we haven't yet, but we apply every year
  28 16:18:20 <joanie> regardless why would this interest Luke? (not saying your wrong; just not getting your train of thought)
  29 16:18:48 <mgorse> He might have ideas of things that should be done but hasn't had the time to do, or at least I remember him saying something to that effect
  30 16:18:56 <joanie> aha
  31 16:19:00 <joanie> and who would mentor?
  32 16:19:18 <joanie> if we put ideas down as "GNOME" we in GNOME have to supply a mentor
  33 16:19:31 <mgorse> true
  34 16:19:47 <jjmarin> there was an idea by clown about ARIA testing AFAIK
  35 16:19:54 * joanie nods
  36 16:20:12 <joanie> not sure if that is still needed or if Joseph has time still
  37 16:21:14 <joanie> and btw, I'm not trying to shoot ideas down. I just want to be sure that if the team proposes an idea the team can serve as proper mentors.
  38 16:22:26 <joanie> so I think this should be homework for this week. :)
  39 16:23:21 <joanie> #action The team should give some thought to what ideas we could offer for GSoC, and for each idea identify one or more mentors who can commit with reasonable certainty to being available as mentor(s).
  40 16:23:52 <joanie> other comments?
  41 16:24:08 <mgorse> none from me
  42 16:24:55 * joanie prepares to move on
  43 16:25:12 <joanie> #topic W3C updates
  44 16:25:24 <joanie> #info Joseph was not present at today's meeting. Thus, no updates.
  45 16:25:29 <joanie> #topic Marketing
  46 16:25:34 <joanie> jjmarin: the floor is yours
  47 16:25:35 <joanie> :)
  48 16:26:04 <jjmarin> ok :)
  49 16:26:42 <jjmarin> #info A small text has been included in the release note about Universal Access
  50 16:26:45 <jjmarin>
  51 16:26:54 <jjmarin> gnome/ftw
  52 16:27:33 <joanie> nice
  53 16:27:37 <joanie> thanks for doing that jjmarin
  54 16:28:53 <jjmarin> #info Juanjo has also been working in updating the keyboard shortcuts in the user documentation. A couple applied, a three waiting review and more to come
  55 16:29:34 <jjmarin> done !
  56 16:29:36 <jjmarin> :)
  57 16:29:39 <joanie> :)
  58 16:29:56 <joanie> questions for jjmarin anyone?
  59 16:30:33 <jjmarin> :)
  60 16:31:05 <joanie> if not....
  61 16:31:26 <joanie> #topic Miscellaneous Time
  62 16:31:42 <joanie> anything else to add?
  63 16:32:47 <jjmarin> what a beautiful day here :)
  64 16:32:51 <joanie> heh
  65 16:33:09 <joanie> I'm ready to close the meeting and see mgorse's patch about the crasher
  66 16:33:22 <jjmarin> ok for me
  67 16:33:28 * joanie raises her gavel and looks for fingers
  68 16:33:37 <jjmarin> :)
  69 16:33:39 <joanie> #endmeeting

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