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   1 16:06:59 <API> #startmeeting
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   4 16:07:14 <API> #topic Stuff we must do between now and code freeze
   5 16:07:40 <API> #info yesterday we had a long conversation with Bastien Nocera about g-c-c, clutter-gtk and other stuff
   6 16:08:29 <API> #info although I wrote that thread if clutter-gtk is worthy or  not, as I didn't know if clutter-gtk was worthy in genral
   7 16:08:41 <API> #info the thread didn't got too many conclusions
   8 16:09:04 <API> #info from the IRC chatting, conclusion was that g-c-c will stick with clutter-gtk, and doesn't plan to drop it in the short term
   9 16:09:49 <API> #info I got a hack to get key events back on g-c-c, joanie tested it with orca, so my plan is getting a real patch from that
  10 16:10:16 <API> #info apart from that, as I said last week, gnome-shell ui changed a little so a orca review is required to check if some a11y tweaks are required
  11 16:10:37 <API> #info in summary: API plans til code freeze will be clutter-gtk and gnome-shell ui review
  12 16:10:37 <API> done
  13 16:11:08 <joanie> #info Mike has patches for AT-SPI2's support for the new ATK get locale method.
  14 16:11:30 <joanie> #info Joanie still needs to test it, but Piñeiro said Mike might be changing the method names.
  15 16:11:47 <joanie> so one of us should check with mike
  16 16:12:00 <joanie> done on that front
  17 16:12:29 <jjmarin> what about the icon a11y bug ##681528 ?
  18 16:12:29 <tota11y> 04Bug normal, Normal, ---, gnome-shell-maint, UNCONFIRMED, universal access menu issues
  19 16:12:40 <API> yes I was hoping mgorse being ther efor the ping
  20 16:13:13 <API> well about that bug in theory there are people already taking a look
  21 16:13:31 <API> in fact bastien reopened it because what you select on gdm were not being
  22 16:13:36 <API> "transfered" to the user session
  23 16:13:52 <API> hmm, btw
  24 16:13:57 <API> in relation with this
  25 16:14:04 <API> and with stuff to do till code freeze
  26 16:14:14 <API> I updated the wiki page about key bindings
  27 16:14:25 <API> probably I would need to ping aday about that
  28 16:14:45 <API> #info API updated wiki page about GNOME keybindings, in relation with a11y keybindings
  29 16:15:15 <API> #action API will ping GNOME designers, so hopefully some default keybinding will be available for 3.8
  30 16:15:34 <joanie> yay!
  31 16:15:53 <jjmarin> API: if finally there is any change, it would be good to know to update gnome help docs. I can take charge of this.
  32 16:16:32 <API> jjmarin, ok thanks
  33 16:16:42 <API> ah mgorse as you have just arrived
  34 16:16:53 <API> we were wondering something:
  35 16:16:58 <mgorse> Sorry. I completely forgot about the meeting until now.
  36 16:17:03 <API> mgorse, not problem
  37 16:17:05 <API> <joanie> #info Mike has patches for AT-SPI2's support for the new ATK get locale method.
  38 16:17:05 <API> <joanie> #info Joanie still needs to test it, but Piñeiro said Mike might be changing the method names.
  39 16:17:11 <API> mgorse, what is the status of this?
  40 16:17:20 <API> are you planning to change the method names?
  41 16:17:47 <mgorse> Yeah. Sorry for not getting that pushed sooner. I'll push that now
  42 16:18:47 <joanie> mgorse: did we decide you will push the deprecation-related fix?
  43 16:18:51 * joanie is getting senile
  44 16:19:05 <mgorse> Yeah. I still need to do that, too.
  45 16:19:13 <API> mgorse, but as I asked, what do you plan to push?
  46 16:19:22 <API> your original patches or a equivalent version
  47 16:19:33 <API> with different method names (more similar to the atk ones)?
  48 16:19:47 <mgorse> I'm renaming it to atspi_accessible_get_object_locale / objectLocale for pyatspi
  49 16:20:58 <API> ok
  50 16:21:06 <API> mgorse, btw, we were in the topic
  51 16:21:11 <API> Stuff we must do between now and code freeze
  52 16:21:19 <API> so if you want to add something here, you are welcome
  53 16:21:22 <joanie> 
  54 16:21:26 <joanie> sorry
  55 16:21:29 <joanie> froze
  56 16:21:35 <jjmarin> :D
  57 16:21:46 <joanie> and had to google
  58 16:21:49 <joanie>
  59 16:22:40 <mgorse> #info mgorse needs to commit a patch to remove a deprecation warning and a patch to add AT-SPI equivalents to atk_object_get_object_locale
  60 16:22:41 <mgorse> done
  61 16:22:55 <API> mgorse, ok thanks
  62 16:23:04 <mgorse> I saw y'all discussing gnome-control-center on IRC yesterday. Maybe you discussed that already
  63 16:23:05 <API> so anything else in this topic?
  64 16:24:32 <API> mgorse, yes, we discussed this a little
  65 16:24:37 <API> it was somewhat long
  66 16:24:53 <API> so probably it would be better if you wait until minutes of this meeting, instead of C&P again that
  67 16:25:07 <API> well, in fact I'm going to C&P that to you in private
  68 16:25:33 <API> so lets move
  69 16:25:37 <API> #topic GNOME 3.8 updates
  70 16:25:50 <API> hmm, not really sure if this is a lot different with previous topic
  71 16:25:56 <API> anyway, someone wants to add something here?
  72 16:26:07 <joanie> 3.8 is stuff already done
  73 16:26:41 <joanie> and I've been in the stuff which still needs doing
  74 16:26:44 <joanie> :)
  75 16:27:10 <API> ok, in any case
  76 16:27:16 <API> I don't have any update here
  77 16:27:25 <API> so ....
  78 16:27:28 <API> any one?
  79 16:29:07 <API> ok, so lets move
  80 16:29:18 <API> I will skip w3c as joseph is not here
  81 16:29:28 <API> #topic Marketing
  82 16:29:29 <API> jjmarin, ?
  83 16:30:03 <jjmarin> #info Juanjo is working in updating the articles for the wikipedia. They need to improve in order to get enought level for being accepted. Don't surprise if I write to ask you thing about your projects for the articles :-)
  84 16:30:48 <jjmarin> #info The marketing team needs the list of features to highlight for the release notes
  85 16:31:26 <API> jjmarin, if we get those default keybindings in place for 3.8
  86 16:31:34 <API> will be a easy add-on for the release-notes
  87 16:31:43 <jjmarin> yes
  88 16:31:48 <API> in the sense that it is not so technical as "memory leaks solved"
  89 16:31:59 <API> and btw, about the wikipedia articles...
  90 16:32:09 <API> are you taking a look to spanish ones?
  91 16:32:16 <jjmarin> We can add a section about the new thing in the a11y stack
  92 16:32:16 <API> or they didn't exist at all?
  93 16:32:29 <API> the new thing in the a11y stack?
  94 16:32:31 <API> which new thing?
  95 16:33:13 <jjmarin> I mean any improvements in the ATK/AT-SPI you think is remakable for users
  96 16:33:45 <API> ah yeah
  97 16:33:57 <API> but what I mean is that those improvements tend to be technical
  98 16:34:08 <API> talking about default key-bindings is "user-friendly"
  99 16:35:09 <jjmarin> I think that if this improvements means orca for example works better, we can add a line in the release notes
 100 16:35:21 <API> yes probably
 101 16:35:51 <jjmarin> and the other visual thing is gnome magnification work, though I'm not sure the status
 102 16:36:01 <API> jjmarin, afaik, no new stuff added
 103 16:36:09 <API> some features were proposed
 104 16:36:16 <API> but mclasen asked about that some time ago
 105 16:36:27 <API> and clown answered that he didnd't have time to finsh them
 106 16:37:04 <jjmarin> Ok, I thought the tint stuff was nearly finished
 107 16:37:21 <API> well, the relevant part there is "nearly" ;)
 108 16:37:28 <API> it is not finished and joseph
 109 16:37:32 <API> didn't have time to finish it
 110 16:37:37 <API> and after all
 111 16:37:45 <API> it is not only about finishing the feature
 112 16:37:56 <API> but also about adding the possibility to enable and configure it
 113 16:38:13 <API> and experience tells that sometimes that last part is the complex part
 114 16:38:27 <jjmarin> right
 115 16:38:36 * API wonders if jjmarin missed API questions about wikipedia articles in spanish ....
 116 16:38:58 <jjmarin> I havent read the Spanish articles
 117 16:39:27 <API> jjmarin, that means that at least they exist?
 118 16:39:34 <jjmarin> yes
 119 16:40:22 <jjmarin> My intention is improve it as well :-)
 120 16:40:22 <API> ok
 121 16:40:25 <API> ok thanks
 122 16:40:34 <API> so anything else in this topic?
 123 16:40:43 <API> more questions or doubts from the rest of the people?
 124 16:41:36 <jjmarin> if any of you thinks there is something good to communicate for this release add a line to
 125 16:44:25 <jjmarin> I think we can move forward then
 126 16:46:11 <API> sorry phone
 127 16:46:23 <API> anyway, it seems that there are no more questions on the topic
 128 16:46:33 <API> #topic Miscellaneous time
 129 16:46:44 <API> someone wants to add something not previusly scheduled?
 130 16:48:07 <jjmarin> yes
 131 16:48:18 <jjmarin> I have a question. Gail is the implementation of ATK for GTK+. The code is here , right ?
 132 16:48:53 <API> jjmarin, no
 133 16:48:59 <API> in the old times it was here:
 134 16:49:03 <API>
 135 16:49:10 <API> then it was moved to GTK+ as a module
 136 16:49:19 <API> and after Company revamp
 137 16:49:23 <API> on GTK+ itself
 138 16:49:28 <API> ATK is just the abstract headers
 139 16:49:37 <API> then each toolkit implementation is at the toolkit itself
 140 16:49:47 <API> like clutter, WebKit etc
 141 16:50:06 <jjmarin> ahhhhhh ;_)
 142 16:50:37 <jjmarin> then everything seems correct to me ;-)
 143 16:51:28 <API> good to know that things seems more correct that initially thought
 144 16:51:30 <API> having said so
 145 16:51:50 <API> no one else started to add questions or comments for this misc time
 146 16:51:59 <API> so I think that it is a sign that we should end the meeting
 147 16:52:03 <API> so thanks for coming
 148 16:52:13 <jjmarin> thanks to all !
 149 16:52:14 <API> see you next week (for the meeting) on IRC every day
 150 16:52:15 <API> see you
 151 16:52:18 <API> #endmeeting

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