Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by Piñeiro at 16:05 CET.
  • Meeting ended at 16:58 CET.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Piñeiro - API (114)
    • Joanie - joanie (40)
    • Joseph - clown (26)
    • Luke - TheMuso (13)

    • Mike - mgorse(6)
  • Log

Accessibility Shortcuts

  • As some already know, there is an running effort to define default values for GNOME shortcuts.
  • Pinging GNOME designers about accessibility shortcuts was discussed in previous meetings.
  • As email was not really productive, Piñeiro pinged them via IRC and got positive feedback from Allan Day. So yesterday he updated that wiki page with examples from a11y-custom distros, macos and windows.
  • As a reference, Piñeiro mentioned that defining GNOME equivalents for activating Orca and the ones defined on A-1 table here would be a starting point, and probably realistic for 3.8.

  • ACTION: Piñeiro will ping GNOME designers about this wiki update.

Stuff we must do between now and code freeze

  • Finally Piñeiro got gnome-shell master compiled. This can be complex during some periods of the cycle.
  • Some of the UI, specifically application/folder search at the overview, have changed.
  • ACTION: API will do a review with Orca to ensure that all the labels are in place, and probably a general review would be required.
  • We also have a crazy Gtk+ text event flood -- only in gtk demo so far, but if it happens there it could theorhetically happen anywhere.
  • Joanie still needs to test Matthias' proposed patch for GtkNotebook.

  • Joanie would like to see AT-SPI2 support for the new Atk get_locale()
  • Bugs 681375 and 691468 are still out there (Orca doesn't see keys in empathy or gnome-control-center). Could be the same bug.

  • There are also dead child nodes piling up in GtkTreeView

GNOME 3.8 Updates

  • This week was 3.7.90 release. This means that officially some freezes started, specifically: UI freeze, API/ABI freeze.
  • Next release (3.7.91) is in two weeks (so you only have one week to make changes).
  • 3.7.91 means String Freeze.
  • 3.7.92 will be on Mar 18, and means Hard Code Freeze.
  • In the previous topic we listed the work we want to do between this week release and hard-code freeze, but in summary: bug fixing.
  • Joanie added the profile-based language switching to Orca. This means that if a user sets up profiles for different languages and binds the command to cycle amongst profiles, he/she can quickly change Orca's language.
  • Joanie still has nits, etc. to work out. But it's largely done.

W3C Update

  • There is a lot of discussion in the IndieUI mailing list about user preferences/needs and how they could be used by a browser.
  • These are coming, in part, from Cloud for all.
  • Interested parties should read the thread. It starts here.

  • We should feel free to add to the discussion.


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Miscellaneous Time

  • (Nothing logged)

Action Items

  • Piñeiro:
    • Ping GNOME designers about the accessibility shortcuts wiki update.
    • Do a review with Orca to ensure that all the labels are in place, and probably a general review would be required.

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Joanie:
    • Do a full evaluation of the accessibility breakage in Evolution 3.6 and file bugs accordingly.
  • Juanjo:
    • Take a look at the current a11y material in order to make an action plan.
  • Piñeiro:
    • Take a look at clutter-gtk's accessibility support.
    • Create some usability-configurability related bugs, using Bryen's mail as a starting point.
    • Update the AtkObject:children-changed documentation, as this could be also used on ATK implementors.

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