Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by Piñeiro at 16:06:44 CET.
  • Meeting ended at 17:01:10 CET.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Joanie - joanie (115)
    • Piñeiro - API (74)
    • Joseph - clown (62)
    • Juanjo - jjmarin (24)
    • Mike - mgorse (7)
  • Log

Java ATK Wrapper

  • java-atk-wrapper was reported to be broken build-wize by several Orca users.
  • It would appear that Oracle has abandoned it.
  • A possible Outreach Program for Woman candidate came by last week looking for tasks and initial contributions. I suggested getting this build problem solved would be a nice initial contribution.
  • The candidate seemed enthusiastic and agreed -- and has not been seen nor heard from again.
  • Joanie feels that although Java is not our personal platform (or concern?) in GNOME, we need to make using Java apps within GNOME Accessible.
  • ACTION: Piñeiro will send a mail to gnome-accessibility about the JAW issue, CCing Peter Korn.
  • LINK:

Python 3

  • With Joanie's help, Joseph starting looking into whether the interm focus tracker would run under python3.
  • Joanie figured out how to switch from "import dbus" (python2) to "from gi.repository import Gio" (python3).
  • From there Joseph ran into numerous problems running that on a Fedora17 system.
  • After trying to update as many relevant packages as possible, he abandoned F17 for F18.
  • Discovered a number of packages missing in F18 as well, but "finally" got enough such that the "from gi.repository import Gio" worked.
  • The next failure was the "import pyastpi" line. The error message is "ImportError: No module named 'pyatspi'"

  • Joanie and Joseph will collaborate on this work tomorrow (Friday).
  • Joanie pinged Javi privately about his Python 3 conversion.
  • Javi is currently pretty busy, but indicated he would hopefully get these patches committed soon.
  • Failing that, Joanie will offer to re-test and push the patches for Javi.
  • Since our team failed to meet the Release Team's (suggested/soft) deadline of 3.7.2, Joanie REALLY believes we need to achieve this for 3.7.3.

GNOME 3.8 updates

  • GNOME fallback mode has finally declared dead. (The current plan is not having it for GNOME 3.8.)
  • Mike has committed some code to make things re-register if the registry daemon dies.
  • Also, atspi-accessible_get_index_in_parent is fixed.
  • Joanie believes for the most part jhbuild is now set for building. Orca and Accerciser and dealing with *most* python2 versus python3 things.
  • However, she has still had to tweak her jhbuildrc depending on what she is trying to build. So if anyone else finds themselves having jhbuild issues w.r.t. 3.8, she may have answers/work arounds.
  • BTW, for the first time perhaps ever, jhbuild now builds speech-dispatcher for Orca. Joanie will soon do the same for liblouis and brlapi.

W3C updates

  • The current editor of the ARIA User Agent Implementation Guide (UAIG),
  • Andi Snow-Weaver, is leaving at the end of the month.
  • The new editor is yours Joseph.
  • Url to the document in question:


  • Juanjo opened bug for removing the Desktop a11y Guide and link to the Universal Help page

  • Juanjo is also starting to help to complete the the Universal Help page, but it seems quite updated so far.
  • If we have new things for a11y users for the next release, you can count on Juanjo to make sure it will be included in the documentation.

Reminder: Q3's

"Miscellaneous Time"

Action Items

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Team members:
  • Joanie
    • Draft the final Q2 report for the team and get Piñeiro's review.
    • Do a full evaluation of the accessibility breakage in Evolution 3.6 and file bugs accordingly.
  • Juanjo:
    • Take a look at the current a11y material in order to make an action plan.
  • Piñeiro:
    • Create some usability-configurability related bugs, using Bryen's mail as a starting point
    • Investigate that "Enable by Keyboard" thing.
    • Update the AtkObject:children-changed documentation, as this could be also used on ATK implementors.

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