Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by joanie at 16:13:07 CET.
  • Meeting ended at 17:03:43 CET.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Joanie - joanie (154)
    • Joseph - clown (65)
    • Piñeiro - API (20)
    • Mike - mgorse (3)
  • Log



  • William Jon McCann pinged some of us about gnome-shell's universal access menu and dialog.

  • His goals include: Bringing these two more into alignment; ensuring that what's provided/exposed is relevant to users and easy to find; having a more consistent, and design-friendly UI -- which fits on small screens; etc.
  • Examples:
    • The Typing page has too many items (thus doesn't fit on small screens and not approachable for users with cognitive disabilities).
    • The Seeing page looks odd with the larger font (some people report it as a bug rather than viewing it as a feature).
    • Do we really need/view a low-contrast theme and small text as "accessibility features"?
  • Jon has already been reworking things. From what he described, the changes are reasonable:
    • He reworked the Typing page keeping most of the elements other than the 'type here to test settings' widget.
    • Removing the small text and low contrast choices as accessibility options seems to make sense.
    • Joseph's new inverse video setting should be in gnome-shell's menu.
    • Orca's settings should be configurable via the gnome-control-center.
  • Jon would like info on numbers of users with disabilities. He is happy with general figures (as opposed to Linux or GNOME specific ones).
  • ACTION: Team members with knowledge of/access to the requested figures should provide them.
  • ACTION: Joseph to email Jan and Peter about statistics regarding users with disabilities.
  • (Added after the RT Meeting discussion) With respect to discussion of removing large text from the "seeing" panel of the universal settings dialog, problems are that it looks odd, doesn't really work since it's too local, and may not be big enough for some users. Instead, put these settings into the a11y menu, to make them easier to get at.

RT Meeting

  • There was an RT meeting last saturday. (minutes)

  • As we had a lot of points in the meeting we didn't talk too much, or at least in detail, about "things that didn't work 100% well on 3.4."
  • So during the review Piñeiro just mentioned that a11y support has a lot of positive feedback.
  • About features:
    • A11y enabled by default accepted, as it doesn't seems a big change.
    • Joseph's features don't require reapproval. Piñeiro just mentioned that Joseph is working on them, and that he has already moved the details to the 3.5 cycle page.

Marketing and Fundraising

  • Juanjo could not make it to today's meeting.
  • According to the Friends of GNOME bar: "$15,297 - only $4,703 to go!"

Miscellaneous Time

Action Items


  • Team members with knowledge of/access to the requested figures regarding users with disabilities should provide them.
  • Joseph to email Jan and Peter about statistics regarding users with disabilities,

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Brian:
    • Send a mail summarizing his proposal regarding a testing-centered design.
    • Announce his Mago tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list, and also create a README and INSTALL.
  • Joanie
    • update the 3.4 team planning pages for 3.6
    • do a full evaluation of the accessibility breakage in Evolution 3.4 and file bugs accordingly.
  • Joseph:
    • Explore the JavaScript Atspi import further to see how much is available.

  • Juanjo:
    • Contact Bryen about the OLF a11y booth.
  • Mike:
    • Add the keyword 'accessibility' to gnome core module bugs he's filed (e.g. evolution and nautilus) which are still open.
    • File a bug regarding GAIL treeview children / children-changed signals, attach a patch, and call for testers.
    • Modify libatspi to fill in the index when possible (ie, when it has the child cached, which it will not for trees with MANAGES_DESCENDANTS for instance)
  • Piñeiro:
    • Update the AtkObject:children-changed documentation, as this could be also used on ATK implementors.

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