Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by Piñeiro at 14:37:14 UTC.
  • Meeting ended at 15:37:40 UTC.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Piñeiro - API (107)
    • Joseph - clown (41)
    • Joanie - joanie (39)
    • Juanjo - jjmarin (47)
    • Benjamin - Company (9)
    • Mike - mgorse (7)
    • Ale - aleiva_ (4)
    • Fer - fer_ (4)
  • Log

GNOME 3.4 Approved Features

  • At the last release-team meeting they talked about features proposals.

  • GNOME-Shell mag stuff were approved.
  • Dots was also approved, although it was suggested to talk with design folks to review it.
  • Dasher was not accepted as a new feature, but accepted to be included on GNOME modulesets.
    • Matthias' opinion is that this feature shouldn't be solved with an app.
    • Piñeiro thinks this is related with the integration. To be accepted as a feature dasher funcionality should be integrated as caribou was.
  • eViacam was not accepted, although this is not a surprise. Now we know more about the steps to integrate it.
  • Piñeiro needs to inform all the relevant people about the above decisions.
  • Joseph needs to update

  • Joanie needs to update

  • Not related with features, but Matthias asked a good question: if a11y people reviewed GNOME Shell OSK to check about extra a11y features required. As far as Piñeiro knows, Caribou already have some of them, so the first step would be check if GNOME Shell "on screen keyboard" could have them. Piñeiro will send a mail to Eitan about this.

Hackfest Update

  • The plan is to have gtk, webkit and a11y hackfests as independent events.
  • Current estimated a11y hackfest date: w03 or w04
  • API still needs to ping interested people
  • We still need to compile a list of issues that we might want to solve that list can be a source for the hackfest agenda (API, 15:02:47)
  • Joanie will create [[Accessibility/ATK/Issues

|a place on]] in which to compile these items.

Team Quarterly Reports (Q3)

  • Joanie will draft our summary later today
  • Most people seem to have added their parts. (Thanks!)
  • Those that have not shall be pinged mercilessly by Joanie.

Marketing and Fundraising

  • Juanjo is waiting for a reply from Karen about the amount of money to be raised by the campaign and next steps to follow. He also I wanted to get her feedback about our FoG goal before sending to the marketing list.
  • And finally, we still need to update our Roadmap as mentioned by our FoG.

Meeting time and Daylight Saving time

  • Those present at today's team meeting agreed to give 15:00 UTC a try as the new meeting time.
  • In addition we will try more actively to have the agenda jive with team member's schedules.
  • Joanie will update the team calendar, wiki, etc. to reflect the new time.

Action Items


Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Team:
    • If you want something funded as part of the proposed FoG campaign for a11y, get your proposals to Juanjo.
    • Provide information to Juanjo about assistive/alternative hardware types which GNOME supports.
    • Comment on the mailing list thread with their thoughts on the Collection interface(s)
    • Start to think about what we should propose for new accessibility-related features.
  • Brian:
    • Send a mail summarizing his proposal regarding a testing-centered design.
    • Announce his Mago tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list, and also create a README and INSTALL.
  • Joanie:
    • review the present roadmap, taking into account FoG and the work that has already been completed. She will begin drafting a new roadmap for the upcoming two years.
    • Check with Piñeiro to see if remote attending of the proposed ATK/AT-SPI hackfest is a possibility.
    • assemble a list of all the bugs in other people's modules, including this GtkScale one assuming it's not yet fixed.

  • Joseph:
    • Explore the JavaScript Atspi import further to see how much is available.

  • Juanjo:
  • Mike:
    • File a bug regarding GAIL treeview children / children-changed signals, attach a patch, and call for testers.
    • Modify libatspi to fill in the index when possible (ie, when it has the child cached, which it will not for trees with MANAGES_DESCENDANTS for instance)
  • Piñeiro:
    • Update the AtkObject:children-changed documentation, as this could be also used on ATK implementors

    • Keep talking with the WebKitGtk hackfest organizers about a concurrent ATK/AT-SPI hackfest, and reach a conclusion.

    • Send a reminder to a11y list about submitting information for the next quarterly report.

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