Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by API at 14:36:31 UTC.
  • Meeting ended at 15:38:36 UTC.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Piñeiro - API (120)
    • Joanie - joanie (98)
    • Javi - jhernandez (48)
    • Juanjo - jjmarin (32)
    • Joseph - clown (28)
    • Brian - bnitz (9)
    • Ale - aleiva (4)
  • Log

Marketing and Fundraising

CSUN Presentations

  • A monthish ago Joanie sent a message to the gnome-accessibility-list pointing out that call for papers was about to open.
  • At team meetings around that same time, the conclusion was made that we would not have a CSUN booth, but instead attempt to send people who were speaking.
  • Call for papers is CLOSING 30 September.
  • Joanie is *thinking about* submitting something.
  • ACTION: Joanie will send a ping to folks via the mailing list about the closing of call for papers for CSUN 2012.

FoG Updates

  • Juanjo is waiting for completed info about the "ATK/AT-SPI Scripting and automation tool" goal.
  • Joanie is concerned about the team spending their very finite time and resources writing proposals for an FoG which might never happen.
  • Joanie feels, therefore, that it is essential for us to know *in general* what the GNOME community and GNOME Marketing Team plan to do with respect to FoG campaigns.
  • If GNOME has indeed not given up on FoG campaigns in general, the Accessibility Team will prioritize providing additional proposals.
  • ACTION: Juanjo will ask to the marketing team about the plans for FoG campaings.

Plans regarding social networking tools, etc.

  • Juanjo will manage the social account and the a11y team will provide him cool stuff from time to time.
  • For the moment, the a11y team will not create a specific a11y planet. Being more post-verbose and being included on p.g.o
    • should be enough.
  • Still, some people think that a planet a11y could be interesting.

GNOME 3.4 Planning

Accerciser's plans regarding iPython 0.11/0.12

  • Accerciser is affected by the upcoming ipython 0.12, because it is not API compatible.
  • jhernandez is planning on to port the ipython plugin for to use the new ipython API.
  • Some of the changes which break Accerciser's ipython console appear in ipython version 0.11. As a result, Accerciser's ipython console will not function beginning with Fedora 16.

Miscellaneous Time

  • For next meeting we will continue discussing 3.4 planning.
  • Joanie, as a preview of that meeting, would like to talk about adding Dasher and DOTS.

Action Items


  • Joanie:
    • Send a ping to folks via the mailing list about the closing of call for papers for CSUN 2012.
  • Juanjo:
    • Ask the marketing team about the plans for FoG campaigns

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Team:
    • If you want something funded as part of the proposed FoG campaign for a11y, get your proposals to Juanjo.
    • Provide information to Juanjo about assistive/alternative hardware types which GNOME supports.
    • Comment on the mailing list thread with their thoughts on the Collection interface(s)
  • Brian:
    • Send a mail summarizing his proposal regarding a testing-centered design.
    • Announce his Mago tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list, and also create a README and INSTALL.
  • Joanie:
    • Provide Juanjo with information on refreshable braille displays.
  • Joseph:
    • Explore the JavaScript Atspi import further to see how much is available.

  • Juanjo:
    • Start planning the a11y FoG campaign

    • Investigate wxWidgets' internals and how it uses Gtk+
  • Mike:
    • File a bug regarding GAIL treeview children / children-changed signals, attach a patch, and call for testers.
    • Modify libatspi to fill in the index when possible (ie, when it has the child cached, which it will not for trees with MANAGES_DESCENDANTS for instance)
  • Piñeiro:
    • Update the AtkObject:children-changed documentation, as this could be also used on ATK implementors

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