Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by Joanie at 14:36:33 UTC.
  • Meeting ended at 15:44:33 UTC.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Joanie - joanie (137)
    • Joseph - clown (33)
    • Brian - bnitz (32)
    • Mike - mgorse (25)
    • Aline - alibezz (25)
    • Ale - aleiva (17)
    • Javi - jhernandez (15)
    • Frederik - fregl (11)
    • Sebastien - |Lupin| (10)
    • Luke - TheMuso (4)

    • Peter - korn (1)
  • Log

Call For Volunteers

Quantifying improvement from Mike's change to only emit events if an AT is listening

  • Mike has made the changes needed to only emit events if an AT is listening.
  • This change might in theory solve much of the broader community's concerns about enabling AT support by default due to performance problems.
  • It would be ideal if someone could verify this in some proven, respectable, convincing, with numbersy sort of way.
  • Brian shared:

  • Brian asked about ShellPerfLog (see bug 618189).

  • Other discussion followed (see full log).
  • Conclusions:
    • Valgrind might be a good solution. The tool for gnome-shell from bug 618189 might as well. Lastly, just timestamping typical activities.
    • No one at the meeting could volunteer their time for these tasks.
    • ACTION: Joanie will investigate what other resources we have/can draw upon to achieve this work.

Writing tests for the Gail into Gtk merge

  • The Gail to Gtk integration is moving along pretty rapidly and there is talk about integrating the 'a11y' gtk branch into master soon.
  • We need more tests written, and we need the output of the existing tests verified.
  • Joanie has looked through the existing tests and is starting to write new ones. But other help would be greatly appreciated.

Best practices guide for implementing accessible objects

  • Joanie and Frederik are going to resume working on this task from the ATK hackfest.
  • The Gail into Gtk work is including some "best practices" style changes that are not documented.
  • We really need to get a "best practices" guide on the object hierarchy, roles, properties, and such out.
  • Joanie and Frederik would not mind volunteers on this front. :-)

GAIL treeview children / children-changed signals with no child argument

  • Currently, atk-bridge calls atk_object_ref_accessible_child for a children-changed event sent without a child.
  • This may be a significant performance hit, and may be better to remove it. Will probably mainly affect gail trees, but need to test that it doesn't affect other things as well.
  • ACTION: mgorse will file a bug to remove the check, attach a patch, and call for testers.

Action item updates

  • At this moment, Javi is syncing and rebuilding with latest versions. He hopes to get some time for building the testing distro spin this weekend or next week.
  • Joseph announced that there is a way to import atspi into JavaScript (gjs), namely "".

  • ACTION: Joseph will explore the JavaScript Atspi import further to see how much is available.

Miscellaneous Time

  • Aline gave an interview for Og Macial about her involvement with GNOME and specially with Accerciser. It's going to be online in a month or so here

Action Items


  • Joanie will investigate what other resources we have/can draw upon to achieve the desktop performance testing work.
  • Mike will file a bug regarding GAIL treeview children / children-changed signals, attach a patch, and call for testers.
  • Joseph to explore the JavaScript Atspi import further to see how much is available.

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Team:
    • Check how Mike's change improves desktop performance (i.e. with a11y on and no AT listening).
  • Brian:
    • Send a mail summarizing his proposal regarding a testing-centered design.
    • Announce his Mago tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list, and also create a README and INSTALL.
  • Javi:
    • Spin a new (and possibly the last accessibility-specific) spin of the testing distro once he has the new tarball from Joanie and any other required changes requested by our team.
  • PiƱeiro:
    • Review the documentation page.

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