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People Present (lines said)

  • joanie (118)
  • aleiva (27)
  • jhernandez|eee (18)
  • bnitz (9)
  • alibezz (9)

Meeting summary

GNOME 3.2 Progress

  • About Accerciser's introspection work, Javi has not had enough time to continue with the migration, but it is in progress (jhernandez|eee, 14:38:20)
  • About Accerciser's gsettings migration, Javi has created a gschema (jhernandez|eee, 14:39:19)
  • The first 'usable' version of Accerciser for GNOME 3 could be in 2-3 weeks (jhernandez|eee, 14:42:11)
  • Aline is going to be working on the Accerciser documentation (joanie, 14:42:59)
  • Jose, a UX designer from Emergya, is working on a new redesign of Orca interface (aleiva, 14:46:44)
  • We're thinking about using our new d-bus based config system in the new UI (aleiva, 14:48:19)
  • Piñeiro has been making progress on solving the remaining gnome-shell accessibility bugs, Dan has been reviewing Piñeiro's patches, and some have been committed (joanie, 14:51:29)
  • Leon from Oracle is working on the Java ATK Wrapper bugs (joanie, 14:53:08)
  • The Orca team is still waiting for gnome-shell mag to have caret and focus tracking (joanie, 14:54:36)
  • Joanie is about to resume working on the WebKitGtk support (joanie, 14:54:46)

Should all 'core' a11y modules have a minimum of two maintainers?

  • Joanie thinks that in order to avoid issues of 'bus factor' and to provide timely responses to members of the release team, etc. All official/core GNOME a11y team apps should have two maintainers (joanie, 14:58:42)
  • Joanie, Aline, Javi, and Ale agree that we should have a policy of a minimum of two maintainers for every *core*/*official* gnome a11y module (joanie, 15:04:54)
  • Pending Brian's feedback/reaction, Javi is willing to be the Accerciser co-maintainer (joanie, 15:06:13)
  • ACTION: Joanie will ping Brian about Javi as a co-maintainer (joanie, 15:06:29)
  • ACTION: Joanie will ping Li about having Piñeiro as a co-maintainer (joanie, 15:06:43)
  • ACTION: Joanie will ping Eitan to see about finding a co-maintainer for Caribou (joanie, 15:06:59)
  • Brian is happy to have a co-maintainer (joanie, 15:08:41)

Other AT Modules

  • Joanie and Piñeiro have been contacting the module maintainers for things which used to be part of GNOME a11y but were dropped (joanie, 15:12:49)
  • These dropped modules include Dasher and gnome-voice-control, along with MouseTrap/OpenGazer and the alternative Vedics (joanie, 15:13:23)

  • Patrick Welche has been doing quite a bit of work on Dasher and Piñeiro and Joanie will seek its reinstatement as an official GNOME app (joanie, 15:13:59)
  • gnome-voice-control has no interest in moving forward. See (joanie, 15:15:02)

  • Piñeiro has contacted the developer which the Consorcio Fernando de los Ríos contracted with to improve g-v-c (joanie, 15:15:36)
  • Piñeiro has contacted the Vedics developer to see what that team's plans are for converting away from CSPI. (They are migrating to python and pyatspi2) (joanie, 15:16:23)
  • Joanie also pinged Bryen re VizAudio but has not heard back from him (joanie, 15:18:50)

  • We are waiting to hear back from the OpenGazer team. We heard back from Flavio about MouseTrap but it's not clear how much involvement/contribution time he can make at the moment, though he is interested. (joanie, 15:19:44)

Miscellaneous Time

  • (Nothing discussed)

Summary of Action Items


  • Joanie will ping Brian about Javi as a co-maintainer
  • Joanie will ping Li about having Piñeiro as a co-maintainer
  • Joanie will ping Eitan to see about finding a co-maintainer for Caribou

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • The team needs to classify the tasks identified during the ATK hackfest in short-medium-long term and prioritize each
  • The team need to prioritize the Accerciser plugins for GNOME 3 migration work
  • Piñeiro will contact dan to know if he is planning to work on other a11y tasks, like themes
  • Brian will send a mail summarizing his proposal regarding a testing-centered design
  • Ale will write something up about the "Orca summit"
  • Team members should update their tarballs for the Testing Distro
  • Piñeiro will review the documentation page.
  • Joseph will investigate if it is feasible to call libatspi using javascript (ie: on gnome-shell)
  • Team members need to add (appropriate) items to the 3.2 pages.

  • Javi will do the work needed in Accerciser to move from gconf to gsettings, and from pygtk to introspection.
  • Regarding Brian's Mago testing framework:
    • Brian will announce his tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list.
    • Brian will create a README and an INSTALL for his tests.
  • Joanie will keep LibreOffice and working with that community on her list.

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