Meeting Log

People Present (lines said)

  • API (210)
  • joanie (47)
  • jhernandez (34)
  • bnitz (19)
  • aleiva (18)
  • clown (16)
  • fer (4)
  • mgorse (1)
  • fbotelho (1)

Meeting summary

ATK Hackfest Summary

  • (API, 14:38:14)

  • The atk/at-spi2 hackfest were really productive (API, 14:48:25)
  • But it was more about defining tasks than development (API, 14:48:38)
  • We need to classify those tasks in short-medium-long term and prioritize (API, 14:49:03)
  • This also include other a11y tasks like the gail-to-gtk move (API, 14:49:27)

Accerciser GNOME 3 modifications

  • Javi is working on the pygtk migration (API, 15:08:57)
  • Work right now is somewhat blocked due the plugins (API, 15:09:09)
  • We need to prioritize the plugins (API, 15:09:25)
  • Some of them were already discussed at the meeting (API, 15:09:41)

GNOME 3.02

  • All atk-related patches on gnome-shell were applied (API, 15:16:15)
  • Piñeiro hopes to do something during his holidays, not sure what would happen after than (API, 15:16:49)
  • Piñeiro will contact dan to know if he is planning to work on other a11y tasks, like themes (API, 15:17:09)
  • There is not planned any improvement on gnome-shell status for GNOME 3.0.2 (API, 15:17:29)

Miscellaneous Time

  • On the last release-team meeting we also talked about accessibility (API, 15:21:09)
  • Matthias clasen is still working on the gail-to-gtk port (API, 15:21:25)
  • For the moment they remove the Accessibility section from the features page (API, 15:23:07)
  • Brian proposed that a testing centered design would help on the accessibility framework (API, 15:36:55)
  • People lack a lot of background (API, 15:37:14)
  • Brian will send a mail summarizing his proposal (API, 15:37:27)
  • Joanie and Ale and Javi are working on Seville on a kind of Orca summit (API, 15:37:52)
  • Ale will write something up about it soon (API, 15:38:24)
  • Joseph Uploaded new patch for zoom options control panel. (clown, 15:38:50)

Summary of Action Items


  • The team needs to classify the tasks identified during the ATK hackfest in short-medium-long term and prioritize each
  • The team need to prioritize the Accerciser plugins for GNOME 3 migration work
  • Piñeiro will contact dan to know if he is planning to work on other a11y tasks, like themes
  • Brian will send a mail summarizing his proposal regarding a testing-centered design
  • Ale will write something up about the "Orca summit"

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Team members should update their tarballs for the Testing Distro
  • Piñeiro will review the documentation page.
  • Joseph will investigate if it is feasible to call libatspi using javascript (ie: on gnome-shell)
  • Team members need to add (appropriate) items to the 3.2 pages.

  • Javi will do the work needed in Accerciser to move from gconf to gsettings, and from pygtk to introspection.
  • Regarding Brian's Mago testing framework:
    • Brian will announce his tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list.
    • Brian will create a README and an INSTALL for his tests.
  • Joanie will keep LibreOffice and working with that community on her list.

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