1. Some output of the last release team meeting
  2. GNOME 3.x
    1. Module updates and progress towards a more accessible 3.0.1
    2. 3.2 planning
  3. The new Accerciser docs-in-progress
  4. ATK Hackfest

Meeting Log


  • Javi, Joanie, Joseph, Mike, Piñeiro
  • Left early: Aline


Some output of the last release team meeting


  • Piñeiro announced that he joined the Release Team and attended his first meeting on 17 April.
  • Based on the RT meeting and items on Planet GNOME, the general consensus seems to be that GNOME 3 is good, but some "cleaning" is required, including for accessibility. These are goals targeted for the 3.2 release.
  • The full GNOME 3.2 planning pages, Accessibility section will mostly point to what we write on our 3.2 pages, therefore we should list the issues and features we want for 3.2, BUT we should also be realistic.


  • The team is very happy that Piñeiro is on the Release Team. :-)



  • Joanie reported having fixed the last of the "Orca oopses." Thus while not everything is perfect, Orca seems to be working as expected in GNOME 3.
  • Piñeiro indicated he has not yet gotten feedback on his gnome-shell patches from Dan Winship, and will ping him.
  • Javi reported that Accerciser now has a new gschema, but he's still working on its integration. He thinks this work will be done in time for the 3.0.2 release.
  • Regarding bug 554057:

    • Mike indicated that the patch Matthias provided was included in Gtk 3.0.9.
    • Piñeiro wonders why the bug remains open and will add a comment.
  • Regarding planning for 3.2:
    • Joanie asked all module maintainers and critical developers to add what they are working on the appropriate section(s) of the team 3.2 pages.

    • Joanie announced that Oracle has apparently provided someone named Leon to work on JAW now that Ke no longer works there. Since Leon will likely not be able to attend our team meetings, Li will be the primary point of contact for Java A11y issues.
    • Joseph asked if inverse video, brightness, and contrast were "necessary" or "nice to have." He provided this screenshot. Joanie thinks these features are necessary, given that people who required this functionality used to be able to access it via Compiz, which they cannot use in gnome-shell.


  • Piñeiro will follow up with Dan regarding the gnome-shell bugs.
  • Team members need to add (appropriate) items to the 3.2 pages. Joanie will serve as "hall monitor" to ensure the pages remain current and uniform.

  • Li will be the primary point of contact for Java A11y issues.

Accerciser Docs


  • (Aline had to leave early and Brian was not present for this meeting.)
  • Joanie reported that she had provided Aline with some direction and examples and that Shaun had helped her with her Yelp 2 issues. Joanie believes that Aline is "good to go" on this project.


  • None.

ATK Hackfest


  • Piñeiro reported that there will be a local "open day" at the Coruña Faculty Thursday afternoon during the hackfest. Presentations (in Spanish) will be given by members of our team to the student group. Non-Spanish speakers are welcome to assist.
  • Piñeiro reminded us all to "do our homework" in preparation for the event.
  • Joanie asked everyone to update the wiki with their arrival and departure information for the purpose of scheduling the days.


  • Piñeiro will send a message to the mailing list about the ATK Hackfest.
  • Joanie will ping people who were not present for their arrival, departure, and dietary information.

Summary of Action Items


  • Team members need to add (appropriate) items to the 3.2 pages.

  • Joanie and Piñeiro will follow up via email with people regarding hackfest preparation.

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Javi will do the work needed in Accerciser to move from gconf to gsettings, and from pygtk to introspection.
  • Regarding Brian's Mago testing framework:
    • Brian will announce his tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list.
    • Brian will create a README and an INSTALL for his tests.
  • Joanie will keep LibreOffice and working with that community on her list.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday, 28 April, at 14:30 UTC in #a11y-meeting on

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