1. Women's outreach program
  2. GNOME 3.0
    1. Is it working?
    2. Testing distro update
    3. Accerciser with AT-SPI2
  3. Planning for 3.2

Meeting Log


  • Alan, Brian, Joanie, Joseph, Paul, Penelope, Piñeiro
  • Late: Peter


Women's outreach program


  • Joanie reported that there is a candidate (Aline Bessa) contributor applying through the Documentation team. She is interested in:
    1. Updating our developer documentation.
    2. Creating one or more custom widgets to demonstrated ATK implementation.
  • Joanie is also interested in having the team start proposing tasks for future years of this program and is willing to coordinate that.
  • Piñeiro pointed out that Aline was also interested in migrating the Accerciser documentation to Mallard. Brian is in favor of this idea.


  • We'll wait to see if Aline is accepted into the program.



  • Piñeiro summarized the status as: A lot of things were included at the last moment, and a lot of things were rejected at the last moment. But now that GNOME 3 has been released, it should be really easy to test for accessibility issues now.
  • Testing Distro:
    • Joanie provided Javi's report: He is having problems with the build service, but hoping to produce another spin today (7 April) based on the release along with Joseph's customizations and Joanie's "switch" fix for Orca.
    • Piñeiro questioned if, now that GNOME 3.0 is out, having a testing distro is a long term solution since most people use official distros. Mike agreed.
    • Joanie agreed, but added that the testing distro does simplify the process for people who do not want to deal with jhbuild, and that it is another data point (e.g. to compare should something be broken in Fedora).
    • Brian mentioned that he's working on a test tinderbox using the testing distro.
  • Accerciser:
    • Joanie reported that Javi is still investigating, but is aware of at least two needs: Migrating from gconf to gsettings, and from pygtk to introspection. Javi's volunteered to do these things if Brian is not planning to.
    • Brian responded that he only was planning to do these migrations if no one else was and would appreciate Javi's contributions.
    • Joanie thinks it might be worth maintaining two active branches of Accerciser: One for GNOME 3 and one for the rest (GNOME 2, XFCE, KDE, etc.). She believes that because the Accerciser code base is quite stable with all features in place, this should be doable. Brian thinks it might be worth doing.


  • Javi will do the needed Accerciser work.
  • There will likely be two branches of Accerciser, actively maintained, to support testing in different desktop environments.

Planning for 3.2


  • Piñeiro thinks that the GNOME 3 Planning/Issues Page should be maintained, but updated.

  • Joanie thinks that we should start fresh with a new 3.2 page in which every entry looks consistent, is easy to read, and only contains those items which we know are issues which can actually be addressed (i.e. we have team members around and working on it, unlike JAW and CSPI).
  • Peter asked how much work remains to be done for JAW. Joanie believes it is just bug fixes. Paul reported that in his experience JAW basically works.
  • Penelope proposed creating a page for "unaddressable issues." Piñeiro concurred.
  • Piñeiro proposed an alternative solution: A "Known Issues" page which was not tied to a release, and a 3.2 page for new features or apps we wish to add.
  • Paul thinks we should just refactor the current 3.0 page.
  • Peter pointed out that a 3.2 page could be used to highlight those things we need from outside of our team, with full a11y being the goal for 3.2.
  • Piñeiro added that we need to fill out this page:


  • Given the differing opinions on what sort of page(s) to create for tracking and communicating issues, Joanie will draft a/some 3.2 page(s) for Piñeiro's consideration. They will discuss, revise, and produce something to present to the team at next week's meeting.

Summary of Action Items


  • Javi will do the work needed in Accerciser to move from gconf to gsettings, and from pygtk to introspection.
  • Joanie and Piñeiro will work on the 3.2 page(s) draft to present to the team next week.

Ongoing / Rolled-Over

  • Regarding the status page:
    • Team members need to update their section(s) of the status page.
    • Joanie will continue to ping team members for their status updates.
  • Regarding the testing distro:
    • Javi will make sure the next spin is bootable via USB.
    • Javi will include Joseph's magnification preferences dialog.
    • Javi will ensure that only AT-SPI2 goes on the next distro spin.
    • Team members need to test fallback mode.
  • Fer will port his AT-SPI2 patch to AT-SPI1 so that a release can be done.
  • Fer will ping Eitan about Caribou and its integration into GNOME Shell.
  • Javi will look into the reported issues with Accerciser and AT-SPI2.
  • Regarding 638377 and 638378:

    • Fer will finish the work which needs to be done.
    • We will ask Li for code review.
    • Mike will look at what needs to be done for AT-SPI and can also provide code review.
    • Joanie will test the patches.
    • Joanie will ping Ke for a general "life" update.
    • Joanie (or Ke) will update the JAW section of the GNOME 3 page.
  • Team members need to write their release notes and Q4's if they have not already done so.
  • Regarding new themes, the team should test specifically:
    1. Are the a11y themes working well?
    2. Are there areas in which we can we improve the a11y themes?
  • Regarding Brian's Mago testing framework:
    • Brian will announce his tests on the gnome-accessibility-devel list.
    • Brian will create a README and an INSTALL for his tests.
  • Piñeiro will create a bug for his AT registration on AT-SPI2 proposal.
  • Joanie will keep LibreOffice and working with that community on her list.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday, 14 April, at 14:30 UTC in #a11y-meeting on

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