1. Should we continue having the 07:00/15:00 meeting time split?
  2. Bastien updated the Universal Access Settings and some orca tips. see

  3. Mattias Clasen gail revamp
  4. AT registration on at-spi2?
  5. Miscellaneous time

Meeting Log


  • Joanie, Joseph, Li, Mike, Piñeiro, Trev
  • Arrived late: Ale, Brian

Topics Discussed

Meeting Times


  • The 07:00 UTC meeting time was created for people mainly in China and Australia.
  • The people for whom that meeting time is intended, are rarely able to join us at that time.
  • Having the meeting at the same time every week would be easier to remember.
  • Li indicated that he should be able to make the 15:00 meeting time.
  • Mike pointed out that we should be willing to reconsider the decision in the future as team members change. The team concurred.
  • Joseph offered to make the meeting at 14:30 rather than 15:00, i.e. for Li and others for whom the 07:00 meeting was intended.
  • Li indicated the slightly earlier time would work well for him.
  • Other team members agreed that the earlier time would be acceptable for them.


  • Meetings will be at the same time each week.
  • The new time will be 14:30 UTC.

Universal Access Settings


  • Bastien made some changes to Universal Access Settings and Orca. See 638205 and 642592.

  • Now the gsetting that says if a11y is enabled is toolkit-accessibility.
  • This new setting is intended to become activated if you enable the screen reader.
  • In the new universal access settings there is no longer a "enable accessibility checkbutton."
  • Bastien also provided a patch (committed) so that if the screen reader is enabled in the universal access settings, Orca is started.

  • Mike asked where the settings were in GNOME 3. Piñeiro responded in the Universal Access Settings Dialog which you can access via gnome-shell or via the classic desktop.
  • Joseph asked if there is a reason to turn off accessibility once it is on as there did not appear to be a dialog to turn it off.
  • Piñeiro responded that as far as he understood it, accessibility will be turned off (i.e. the registry will quit) if it is not required.
  • Li asked about the atk bridge and gail. Piñeiro responded that this change doesn't involve either; that is currently done by the .desktop files.
  • Piñeiro added that the only thing directly using this gsetting is gnome-shell.
  • Piñeiro also stated that there are a lot of doubts about the integration part of the accessibility support.
  • Ale asked if the gnome-shell accessibility support was documented on the wiki, blogs, etc.
  • Piñeiro responded that he plans to make a blog post soon.


  • This requires some testing with a gnome 3 "compliant" environment.
  • Piñeiro will blog about it soon.

Mattias Clasen gail revamp


  • Piñeiro reported that Matthias was testing gail and discovered some issues. This led to him stating that a general review of the current situation is needed. Matthias wants to take this opportunity to move gail into gtk itself. Mattias has an experimental branch (drop-gail)

  • Li responded that he is working on this and has committed a patch to move gailarrow to gtkarrow yesterday.
  • Piñeiro asked about Mattias' statement that it will be required to review part of the focus management code, presumably in gail.c: Is Mattias planning on doing this now or after the move?
  • Li believes it will be after the move.
  • Piñeiro asked where the gail.c code will be placed or if gail.c will just be moved.
  • Li was not sure but thought it would be a gtkmodule, with a file for initialization. But he doesn't know where it will be kept.
  • Piñeiro asked if Li will be able to continue working on this effort.
  • Li responded that he believed he would as long as "nothing with higher priority comes out."
  • Li added that this should give us the opportunity to solve many very old gail bugs, which he had filed even before he was the maintainer.
  • Mike mentioned that this will hopefully help with treeview performance, adding that Mattias implied that it might.
  • Li responded that this move creates opportunities to fix things, but much more work will still be needed.


  • (None)

AT registration on at-spi2?


  • Piñeiro sent a mail to gnome-accessibility-devel

  • Li stated that although he thinks it is a good idea, it is something that we need to check.
  • Joanie stated that it sounded like a good idea, but she is leaving it up to people like Li and Mike to comment on its feasibility.
  • Li responded that we can try it.
  • Piñeiro pointed out that most people do not require accessibility support.
  • Mike asked if Piñeiro was proposing we make this change for GNOME 3.0.
  • Piñeiro responded that this was his proposal; rather than make a bug to be added on to the "towards atk2.0" work.
  • Mike stated that right now AT-SPI2 shouldn't send events over the wire if no one is listening, but it will still listen for gail events.
  • Piñeiro replied that he wasn't talking about at-spi2, but the bridge which sends the gail (atk implementor) events to at-spi2.
  • Mike stated that we'd then load gail and atk-bridge all the time, and only really enable atk-bridge when accessibility is enabled
  • Piñeiro asked if Mike was proposing to just avoid the overhead if accessibility is enabled instead of a AT registration method?
  • Mike responded that this was his interpretation of Piñeiro's proposal and that it was not clear to him how else we could have it register.
  • The discussion was concluded by Piñeiro on the grounds that the meeting was not the place to discuss technical details.


  • The team seems to think this is a good idea in general.
  • Piñeiro will create a bug and discuss the details there.

Miscellaneous Time

Summary of Action Items

  • The team should test the new Universal Access Settings dialog in a GNOME 3 "compliant" environment.
  • Piñeiro will create a bug for his AT registration on AT-SPI2 proposal.


  • Joanie will keep LibreOffice and working with that community on her list.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday, 3 March, at 14:30 UTC in #a11y-meeting on
  • Tentative Agenda

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