1. GNOME 3.0
    • We MUST keep our team 'issues' page current. The Release Team has specifically asked us about this.

    • Status of team modules with respect to the moduleset.
  2. Q4s

Meeting Log


  • Ale, Daniel, Joanie, Li, Mike, Piñeiro

Topics Discussed



  • Overview:
    • Piñeiro reported that some members from the release team pinged us in order to know the current state of accessibility, thus we in turn asked the team to update the GNOME 3 status page.

    • In general the response has been good. Piñeiro still has to update his area and will do so this week, once he knows about the status of his patches.
    • Joanie suggested we update the rest of the page, including determining once and for all about CSPI and libgail-gnome. She also proposed a fourth category that was not a "risk" level so that we could easily separate out what we're working on (and may accomplish) from what simply is not going to get done for GNOME 3.0.
  • CSPI
    • Mike said we either need to write a compatibility layer, or a few apps will need to be ported.
    • Piñeiro responded that the compatibility layer will not be written for 3.0.
    • Some discussion occurred about which apps would be impacted by this.
  • libgail-gnome
    • Piñeiro stated there will not be panel applets to his knowledge: Not in gnome-shell, nor in the fallback (classic) mode.
    • Li stated a similar understanding.
    • Piñeiro added that during the desktop-devel-list heated discussion, the conclusion boiled down to, "if anyone wants to keep the panel applets, they should do it themselves."
    • Conclusion: libgail-gnome is not necessary.
  • New Universal Access Preferences UI
    • Piñeiro pointed out that the description is outdated since it still refers to gconf.
    • He also mentioned that the checkbox to toggle accessibility had been removed by William Jon McCann. 638205 was opened for this purpose.

    • Mike asked if accessibility was now on by default; Piñeiro indicated it was not, as far as he knew.
    • This new dialog needs to be tested.
  • AccessX-Status Applet
    • Piñeiro believes there are indicators for it in gnome-shell.
    • Joanie asked about whether or not there would be in "fallback" mode.
    • Piñeiro stated that no panel applets means no AccessX-Status applet.
    • Conclusion: We need to get in touch with Eitan at least to find out if he's still willing to track this issue. (Piñeiro will do so.)
  • VizAudio

    • Not in GNOME yet. It belongs on the new parallel issues page. And the status needs to be updated, to "nothing happened."
    • Joanie will do this.
  • GNOME Shell
    • Piñeiro will update the status once his patches are reviewed.
    • Keyboard nav should be moved to low risk.
  • "New" GTK+ Widgets
    • Piñeiro and Joanie think this item should be updated to include the GTK treeview revamp.
    • Li will look at the new widgets and update the status.
  • gnome-panel
    • Piñeiro stated that the main concern was with the applets, but now the applets are gone.
    • This should be marked as a 'regression' (or whatever the new fourth category is)
  • All the at-spi2 related tasks
    • Mike already updated this section prior to today's meeting.
    • Piñeiro asked about the current risk, which is still 'medium'.
    • Mike responded that they were all at 'high' originally and that he lowered everything to medium with the exception of CSPI.
    • Mike added that it could use more testing.
    • Piñeiro asked about what the status was regarding which version of at-spi distributions would ship. He believes Ubuntu will continue to ship at-spi.
    • Mike thinks that Fedora will use AT-SPI2 since MClasen was working on packaging it, but Mike is not certain. He thinks that OpenSUSE might be defaulting to AT-SPI2, but since the next release isn't going to ship GNOME 3, that decision might not make sense. He will check.
  • Other items
    • Accerciser: Ask Brian if the risk needs to be increased based on the fact that it doesn't work with the GNOME 3 stack.
    • Caribou: Ask Eitan for an update. (Piñeiro will do this.)
    • Dasher: Ask Patrick for an update. (Piñeiro will do this.)
    • gnome-mag: Ask Fer for an update, pointing to Joseph's update. (Joanie will do this.)
    • gdm: Ask Brian Cameron for an update.


  • We should come up with an appropriate fourth category ('not for GNOME 3.0' was proposed, 'regression' was later mentioned). Piñeiro said we could come up with the exact language later.
  • cspi will not happen in time for GNOME 3.0.
  • libgail-gnome is not necessary. Li will update the page stating this.
  • The team needs to test the new Universal Access Preferences UI.
  • Piñeiro will follow up with Eitan regarding the AccessX-Status applet.
  • Joanie will move the VizAudio item to the parallel issues page and update the status and date.

  • Piñeiro will update the GNOME Shell status.
  • Li will look at the new widgets and update the status.


Summary of Action Items

  • Li will update the GNOME 3.0 page to state that libgail-gnome is not necessary.
  • The team needs to test the new Universal Access Preferences UI.
  • Li will look at the new widgets and update the status.
  • Joanie will move the VizAudio item to the parallel issues page and update the status and date.

  • Joanie and Piñeiro will email the maintainers whose updates are still required (Accerciser, AccessX-Status applet, Caribou, Dasher, gnome-mag, gdm)

Next Meeting

  • Thursday, 27 January, at 15:00 UTC in #a11y-meeting on
  • Tentative Agenda

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