Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of December 23rd, 2010

  • When: Thursday, December 23rd, 07:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log


  1. Documentation
  2. AT-SPI/Atk API changes proposed
  3. GtkTreeview refactoring

  4. Unity update
  5. CSUN
  6. GNOME 3.0


Piñeiro, Joanie, "PovAddict" (self-described "KDE guy"), Mike, Daniel

Topics Discussed


  • Piñeiro and Joanie had previously discussed having team meetings in a dedicated room, such as #a11y-meeting, which other teams do. But then they failed to make any decision on this.
  • Conclusion: Piñeiro or Joanie will propose this for the next meeting.



  • At the previous meeting, Shaun stated that he'd send his questions to the list. To Joanie's recollection, this has not yet occurred.
  • Joanie reported that the Orca docs have been converted to Mallard and added to the Orca module.
  • Joanie is wondering with respect to the rest of the team:
    • Are their docs mallardized?
    • Do the expect help from the Doc Team, and if so what help?
    • Are their docs even up-to-date?
  • There was some discussion about whether or not all docs would ultimately be in Mallard (including the auto-generated developer docs).
  • Mike suggested it would be good to have an AT-side tutorial for AT-SPI as well.
  • PovAddict reported having a generally good experience with our current documentation.

  • Piñeiro pointed out that we have http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/Mechanics which is similar to http://library.gnome.org/devel/accessibility-devel-guide/nightly/gad-how-it-works.html and that we need to check that all our documentation is current, accurate, in agreement with the rest of our documentation, and ideally in one location.


  • We need to poke the team about their documentation.
  • We need to ask Shaun to clarify what is going to happen with the developer docs with respect to Mallard.
  • We need to assess the state of our developer docs.
  • (No one was assigned these tasks. Therefore rolling them over as agenda items for the next meeting.)

AT-SPI/Atk API changes proposed


  • Fer had sent a message to the list about his proposed changes, but there hasn't been much of a response.
  • Piñeiro pointed out that in the end, we would need to open one or more bugs in bugzilla for the changes.
  • Mike asked if Fer (not present) would be making a patch or if one of us should.
  • Joanie assumed that Fer would make the patches but was awaiting the official "go ahead."
  • Piñeiro added that we need to be sure that in AT-SPI we're not replacing the current signals with the proposed new/changed ones.


  • We need to clarify with Fer his plans with respect to AT-SPI2.
  • We should respond to Fer's email.
  • Bug(s) should be filed in bugzilla.
  • (No one was assigned these tasks. Therefore rolling them over as agenda items for the next meeting.)

Atk hackfest?


  • Joanie pointed out that we have the Atk revamp slated on our roadmap for April 2011 and proposed a Spring Atk hackfest, in Spain since that's where many of the stakeholders and desired participants happen to be located.
  • Mike asked who all was located in Spain. Joanie responded: Piñeiro, Fer, Mario, Carlos, and Ale.
  • Daniel (who is also located in Spain) indicated he was in favor of this proposal.
  • Igalia is a potential site for this hackfest if we have it. Piñeiro has already asked internally and said we just need to determine the date and be sure the Igalia offices will be free then.
  • Joanie asked Mike about his availability. Mike responded that he believes he will be able to attend.
  • Piñeiro proposed the middle of April for this hackfest. Joanie tossed out the week of 11 April for consideration.
  • Mike asked about who is doing OpenOffice and/or LibreOffice a11y so that we could invite him/her/them. Joanie responded that Malte (in Germany) was doing OOo a11y and was on the "stakeholders" list.


  • We think the hackfest is a good idea.
  • We need to get in touch with the other Atk stakeholders and see if our proposed date is good for them. Joanie will do this.
  • Once we have a date, Piñeiro will verify the availability of the Igalia offices.

Summary of Action Items

  • Piñeiro or Joanie will propose that meetings take place in a dedicated channel, such as #a11y-meeting.
  • Team members should respond to Fer's email about his proposed AT-SPI/Atk API changes.
  • Joanie will email Atk hackfest stakeholders about the idea and the proposed date and location.

Next Meeting

  • Thursday, 30 December, at 15:00 UTC in #a11y-meeting on irc.gnome.org
  • Tentative Agenda

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