Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of December 2nd, 2010

  • When: Thursday, December 2nd, 15:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

Pygobject Migration

  • It is on the Accerciser and Orca to-do lists, but there are not immediate plans to work on this, to Piñeiro's knowledge.
  • We don't know about the status of Caribou.
  • There is some question as to what needs to be done for gnome-mag and who will be available to do it.
    • Fer has been busy, but will try to find time to look into it in the weeks to come.
    • There is a python dbus tester written by Joseph, but the tests do not require the new pygobject.
    • gdk is only used to get the screen size.
    • Conclusion: Fer will update 626228 to indicate that just a test needs to be migrated.

  • The colorblind applet is written in python. It needs to be converted as well.


  • Current status:
    • There might be one more Orca thing to add (if so, Joanie will do this).
    • Joseph has some items to add (he will do so after the meeting).
    • We have no idea what the situation is with Caribou.
    • We have one pending/to-be-discussed item: Meego
    • Then we have to create the "unfunded" document.
    • Finally we should re-approach the Board to present the documents to them.
  • The "unfunded" document:
    • will list the items on the full-team roadmap, as well as the individual roadmaps, which are unfunded (and thus in danger of not being completed by the desired/needed time
    • Joanie will create an initial draft of the document based on what she knows and guesses and then pass it by the team for review/correction. She plans to have this draft completed by next week's team meeting (7 December), and hopefully sooner.
  • Meego:
    • Piñeiro gave an overview of what Meego is (see log) and that the Foundation recently created a project to make Gtk work on Meego.
    • Piñeiro and Joanie believe it is worthy of inclusion on the roadmap. There was no dissent.
    • The Qt AT-SPI work is thought to be beyond the scope of our roadmap.

    • Conclusion: We will include it in the roadmap, with a tentative date of June 2011 - June 2012, stating the dependencies in the description, and understanding that the date may need to be changed later on.

Google Code-In

  • An agenda item for several weeks now.
  • Undiscussed because we've been hoping to have Bryen here since it is outreach-related.
  • Last meeting's conclusion was that Piñeiro would send an email to find out about the current status and follow up with Bryen.
  • Conclusion: Piñeiro will send the aforementioned email(s).

Agenda for the next meeting

  1. Roadmap
  2. Status of the migration to PyGObject GnomeGoals/PythonIntrospectionPorting https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=626218

  3. Updating the GNOME Desktop Accessibility Guide

    • Missing ATs
    • Moving to Mallard
  4. GNOME 3.0 updates
  5. Reminders:
  6. Others
    • Unity nux toolkit
    • Google Code-in (hoping Bryen to be there)
    • Thoughts on "Do we need more hackfests?"
  7. Your topic here
  8. Your topic here

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