Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of September 23th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, September 23th, 15:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

Opening comments (15:00 - 15:05)

AEGIS Hotel (15:05 - 15:15)

  • Alejandro Leiva report that he made the hotel booking during the weekend.
  • Bryen ask some questions related to the people who requested extra nights.
    • Alejandro Leiva will contact foundation about it.
    • Stormy confirmed that Foundation will have no problem paying all and getting reimbursed
  • Joseph ask Alejandro Leiva to confirm the hotel.

AEGIS Posters and other Marketing (15:15 - 15:30)

  • Bryen has some cards that he would like to print in braille
  • Fernando Herrera in contact with ONCE told him that it would not be there until 6th
  • Bryen asks Peter Korn if there is any other possibility
  • Joseph pointed that AEGIS organizers sent him a mail about the posters layouts.
  • About the other formats, Peter Korn suggest to just add GNOME information on the USB stick

AEGIS Virtual Hackfest (15:30 - 15:35)

  • Joanmarie has reviewed the GNOME "blocking" bugs (ie: Evolution)
  • Bryen comments that Evolution priorities has changed, so it would be difficult to get them involved.
    • Yippie points out that Evolution is basically under-resourced

AEGIS Unconferece (15:35 - 15:45)

  • Joanmarie would like to have some unconference time:
    • She have in mind some meetings
    • She also wants some time apart from the rigidly-scheduled things
  • Bryen also likes the idea
  • Peter Korn is worried about the remote people attendance to meetings
  • Joanmarie points that all official meetings are scheduled
  • But other meetings are required with the people on hackfest (ie: Webkit, Orca future, ...)
  • Mario Sanchez suggests write down this meetings required. Joanmarie approves.

AEGIS misc (15:45 - 15:50)

  • Bryen points out the importance of blogging.
  • Joanmarie points out the importance of update the wiki.
  • Peter informs again about the "eSpeak Tuning" room in order to improve eSpeak various languages
  • Reminder from Peter Korn related to register to all the GNOME people willing to attend the AEGIS conference itself

Caribou (15:50 - 16:00)

  • Heidi has students writing a requirements document for Caribou.
  • Some proposals to share all this data (mailing lists, wiki)

Final shots (16:00 - 16:05)

  • Joanmarie points out the lack of a accessibility roadmap
  • Joanmarie would like to talk about it with Bryen+Alejandro PiƱeiro during the unconference time
  • Random cheap comments about spanish gastronomy

Agenda for the next meeting

  1. AEGIS updates
  2. GNOME 2.32 updates
  3. GNOME 3.0 updates
    • Initial WebKitGtk+ support has been added to Orca!

  4. GNOME a11y road map:
  5. Boston Summit
  6. Feedback on Caribou requirements questions
  7. Your topic here

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