Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of September 02th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, September 02th, 7:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log


Topics Discussed

General Greetings and Conversation (9:01 - 9:06)

Travel Committee Updates (9:06 - 9:14)

  • Alejandro Piñeiro explains that they sent the final priority list to the Travel Committe.
  • Waiting for a answer.
  • Bryen asks why this took so long, as this affects the travel costs.
  • Alejandro Piñeiro tries to explain it.

Hotel Discussion (9:14 - 9:19)

  • Bryen asked if there are any hotel update
  • Alejandro Leiva said that he is waiting fro the committe answer for the booking.
  • Bryen asked if there are a tentative place.
  • Tryp Macarena, the same as the last two meetings.

#a11y meetings, frequency, timetable and format (9:19 - 9:40)

  • Discussion about several aspects of the #a11y meetings:
    • Frequency: it is required a weekly meeting?
    • Timetable: is the current one a good timetable
    • Format: some people felt that meetings goes too much into detail.
  • About the frequency and timetable, Bryen commented that a weekly meeting is a overkill, doing it bi-weekly, will mean some people will only meet once a month
  • About the detail, Bryen feel that we enter too much into detail
  • He propose a more update-oriented meeting
  • He also propose limit the time applied for each agenda item
  • Alejandro Piñeiro point that just him and Joanmarie suggest agenda items
    • They have found meetings with just two items => 30 min for each, so it is normal enter on details

  • That became a three-person discussion, so we conclude that we should ask that on the mailing list

GNOME 3.0 updates (9:40 - 9:55)

  • Brief talk about the recent Eitan mail to desktop devel related to Caribou and GNOME release
  • He mentions that it is a problem due GOK
  • All have the feeling that next GNOME release will be "the same with fixes"
  • So they don't understand Eitan statement, we should ask about it

2.32 Release Notes (9:55 - 10:00)

  • Bryen reminds the recent mail from Paul Cutler related to the 2.32 release notes.

Agenda for the next meeting

  1. AEGIS update
  2. First impressions about the "weekly meetings and format" on the mailing list
  3. GNOME 3.0 update
  4. Miscellaneous items

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