Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of August 19th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, August 19th, 7:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS Conference and Hackfest

Travel Updates

  • Alejandro Piñeiro was interchanging mails with Germán Poo of the Travel committee for an update.
    • Germán has some hw problems with his laptop, he will sent the list as soon as possible.
  • List required in order to create a definitive budget for the hackfest.

Hotel updates

  • Alejandro Leiva has contacted hotel tryp macarena, the one recommended by AEGIS
  • Initially they have offered a 15% group discount, but is required a minimum of 10.
  • In the same way, they informed that they have full the 9th.
  • This means that the day scheduled for wrap-up should be removed.
  • Bryen pointed that this shouldn't be a problem, as it is similar to the situation on CSUN.
  • Alejandro Leiva would check second options.
  • We also need attendands lists for this issue (group discount)

Alternative/additional funding sources

  • Bryen reported that there are not real updates from the funding sources.
  • He will always be on the lookout for funding opportunities.
  • Bryen also shared some doubts because he didn't get any answer about his interpreters petition to foundation
  • Alejandro Piñeiro things that this should be just added as a additional cost, and that foundation is waiting for the final budget estimation.

Posters for the Conference

  • Alejandro Piñeiro current idea is avoid to create a poster, as it there would be overlapping with the general gnome-a11y one.
  • Joanmarie will work on a Orca one.
  • Remember: The deadline for submission to the conference organizers is 31 August.


  • Peter Korn (not present on the meeting) suggested that some people would be interested in assist to some of the meetings (ie: testing) remotely.
  • Joanmarie Diggs fears the infrastructure issues related to that.
  • It would depend on how many people are interested on that.
  • During next week we would try to check how many people are interested.


  • Li Yuan tried to talk with Michael Gorse about the at-spi release
  • Mike was not there, but Joanmarie told Li Yuan that Mike Gorse question was related to the defaul relocation option.
  • A new at-spi release will be done for 2.32 using corba as the default for gnome, as a 2.30 extension

Agenda for the next meeting

(Work in progress, using last week one)


  • Travel Committee response
  • Hotel (selection and possibility of a group rate)
  • Alternative funding sources
  • Posters
  • Agenda
    • Testing session details
    • Outreach hackfest details

GNU Volunteers

  • GNU's got them; can we provide them with the support they need?

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