Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of August 5th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, August 5th, 07:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS Conference and Hackfest

Funding Updates

  • Alejandro Piñeiro reported that since all people requiring travel sponsorship have applied to the Foundation, the next step is to get back in touch with Germán Poo from the Travel commmittee and come up with a final budget.
  • Bryen reported that he has sent one letter of request to a possible sponsor and would send another such letter later today, with a few more following in the days to come.

Posters for the Conference

  • Information can be found here

  • Alejandro passed along Peter Korn's suggestion that each of the a11y apps (Orca, Caribou, etc.) create a poster for the event.
  • Bryen mentioned having made inqueries about plotter printer availability in Sevilla. Alejandro responded that printing of posters was already taken care of by Peter, but that we should confirm this.
  • Alejandro added that the posters should be appropriate for the event (i.e. formal and academic rather than showy).
  • Joanie indicated she would create the Orca poster.
  • Alejandro pinged Eitan (not present) and David Pellicer to see if either could provide one for Caribou. (Subsequent conversation suggests that David will do a poster for Caribou.)
  • Bryen asked what we wanted him to do, to which Alejandro responded with a suggestion Bryen create the general GNOME A11y poster. It is not clear from Bryen's response if he will be doing so or not.
  • Joanie observed that the AEGIS Poster page stated that printing will indeed be taken care of by the event organizers, but that no deadline was indicated. Joanie will check with Peter to find out what the deadline for submission is.


  • Alejandro asked Joanie about an agenda item she had added, namely "Do we have the testing-related info from Brian Nitz?"
  • Joanie responded that Peter was supposed to get information on Brian's testing session (schedule, goals, etc.) and would follow up with Peter to obtain this information.
  • Alejandro pointed out that 08:00 is a rather early time to begin conference/hackfest sessions, adding that GUADEC started at 9:30.
  • Joanie updated the schedule so that the sessions started at 9:30, removing the no-longer-needed 3.0 status update from the agenda.

GNOME 3.0 Updates

  • Alejandro reported having sent a message to the desktop-devel list to find out about the status of some modules scheduled for deprecation. The results:
    • libbonobo will remain in 2.32
    • the accessibility gconf keys are likely to become part of an uber module with a name like gnome-desktop-schemas
    • See bug 600686, in particular comment 3, for additional details.

  • Alejandro has also updated the gnome-shell section on our GNOME 3.0 status page

  • Joanie has not followed up with Joseph and Fer on Orca + gs-mag and gnome-mag. She will do so. She added that the current focus of the Orca team is the Andalucía work, especially given the impending freezes for 2.32.
  • Mike reported that he has been fixing some hangs in AT-SPI2. He has also been working with Trev on trying to switch to using direct D-Bus connections.
  • Joanie added that she can make the Orca regression tests largely pass if she sprinkles delays throughout the tests. In other words, the current failures seem to be related to timing issues rather than AT-SPI2 failing to do the correct thing.

Agenda for the next meeting

AEGIS Conference and Hackfest

Funding Updates

  • Has Alejandro heard back from Germán/the Travel committee?
  • Any new information regarding Bryen's alternative sources?

Posters for the Conference

  • Will we have a generic GNOME a11y poster or just specific ones? If a generic one, is Bryen providing it?
  • Other posters (i.e. besides Orca, Caribou, and possibly a generic GNOME a11y poster)?
  • The deadline for submission to the conference organizers is 31 August.


  • Topic areas which need to be finalized/filled out:
    • Testing
    • Outreach

GNOME 2.32 and/or 3.0 Updates

  • AT-SPI2
  • Magnification
  • Other updates?


  • insert your topic(s) here

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