Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of July 22nd, 2010

  • When: Thursday, July 22th, 6:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS Conference

  • Alejandro P. ask people if they have applied to http://live.gnome.org/Travel

    • Mike Gorse, Li Yuan and Ke Wang no, but doing while the meeting
  • As Chema Casanova and Germán Poo are in Spain due Guadec-es, Alejandro Piñeiro will talk with them, to check who has applied
  • Bryen told in a email that he is approaching alternative funding sources. Not here to gave updates.
  • Fer's company is handling document production (braille, large print, electronic format) for the booth stuff
  • Items from previous meetings in the same state.



  • Alejandro Piñeiro asks about the status of gtk3.0, specifically to Joanmarie
    • Also asks if this is affected by the new python bindings
  • Joanie answered that she didn't have reviewed that, her priority is the regression testing
  • Also said that he plans to do that
  • When Eitan Isaacson were requested, he said that he plans to give the maintainer status to Brian Nitz
    • Also confirmed that he will not be at AEGIS


  • Recents mail on gnu accessibility lists about performance problem
  • Alejandro P. asks Joanmarie and Mike Gorse if there are any kind of comparative measures
  • Just observations
  • TheMuso suggested that it would be good to use a environment with just one or the other

  • Also comments that Maverick (Ubuntu) will have at-spi based on CORBA
  • <rant about getting a pure dbus environment>


  • TheMuso announce that there are a possibility of a opentts/speech-dispatcher merge. Brailcom meeting soon.

  • Joanmarie suggested a change on the meetings scheduled at 6:00 UTC to be moved to 7:00 UTC

Agenda for the next meeting

(NOTE: Taken from the postponed agenda. Realistically, depending on what transpires with respect to funding, we might need to postpone these items -- or do email updates -- again.)

AEGIS Conference

  • After meeting with foundation, we need a final budget value
  • German propose try to contact local governments, in relation with the lodging
  • Gently reminder to the people that want sponsorship to use travel comitte
  • Other Funding Issues/Updates
    • Status asking other companies
  • Schedule/Agenda Update
  • Other Updates


  • WNEC
  • LinuxCon-Brazil

  • Did Bryen provide his description to the gnome-accessibility-list?
  • Has the booth for CSUN 2011 been confirmed/paid for?

GNOME 3.0 Status

  • Reminder: Did you update your areas on the GNOME 3.0 Status page?

  • gnome-mag
  • GnomeVoiceControl and CSPI

  • With the new goal about gsettings migration, what we are going to do with things like:

    • Universal Access Preferences UI: it says a lot that the main use is modify gconf settings

    • Orca is already working on it
    • Main a11y gconf property "/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility", and relocate ones, "/desktop/gnome/interface/at-spi-corba" are defined on a *deprecated for years* library, libgnome
      • Should we use this gsettings migration as a good moment to move to a proper place?
      • Move it where?


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