Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of July 15th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, July 15th, 15:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS Conference - Updates

  • Peter reported that the official AEGIS Conference page is now live: http://www.aegis-conference.eu.

  • Peter also pointed out that the associated hackfest page is rather empty and requested someone from our team provide the content for that page.

AEGIS Conference - Funding


  • Alejandro Piñeiro reported that, currently, CENATIC funding is not going to be an option because they have just committed to providing funding for GUADEC es. However, it is possible that if CENATIC were giving a presentation at the AEGIS conference, perhaps they would reconsider.
  • Peter responded that a booth and poster will not be a problem; adding them to the presentation list will require more effort. He suggested that someone from CENATIC should get in touch directly with him about this.
  • Alejandro will contact José Angel (president of GNOME hispano, and active in CENATIC) after today's meeting to put him in touch with Peter.

Travel Sponsorships from GNOME

  • VERY, VERY IMPORANT: Attendees seeking GNOME Foundation travel sponsorship need to follow the process at http://live.gnome.org/Travel. ASAP.

  • We don't yet know how much is available, but we need to start applying now.
  • Alejandro suggested people sign up for roommates.
  • Joanie pointed out that, from her experience, anyone seeking GNOME Foundation travel sponship should assume that they will only be funded for half of their rooming expenses and should, therefore, also find a roommate -- or alternatively plan on paying for the other half of the rooming expenses out of pocket.

Other Companies

  • Fernando Herrera suggested that we should look to other companies for funding.
  • Alejandro stated that most of the companies we would approach are already on the GNOME Advisory Board.
  • Fernando pointed out Yaco, Emergya, and his company are not.
  • Joanie replied that she has already been working with Emergya to see about funding.
  • Fernando volunteered to approach himself. :-)

  • We still need someone to approach Yaco.
  • From previous meetings, Bryen had indicated that he, too, would approach other companies. Bryen was not present at today's meeting to provide status updates or participate in the discussion.

Approaching the Advisory Board

  • In an email conversation with Alejandro and Joanie, Brian Cameron suggested we talk to Stormy Peters about setting up a future Advisory Board meeting where someone from a11y could attend.
  • Alejandro said we need to find out when the next meeting is, and asked the group if we had any potential candidates to attend such a meeting as our representative, looking to Peter as a possibility.
  • Peter responded that he needs to check on a few things before he can answer/accept the offer.
  • Some discussion followed in which Peter's (many) merits as a candidate were listed.
  • Peter agreed to consider being our representative and will find out if this is something he can indeed commit to doing.
  • Alejandro reported that the next AdBoard meeting would be at GUADEC

Starting a Friends of GNOME Campaign for A11y

  • This was another possibility suggested in the email from Brian Cameron.
  • Peter stated that he liked the idea, but we need more details first:
    • For what would the funds be allocated?
    • Who would allocate them?
    • By doing this, do we (effectively) cut ourselves off from asking the GNOME Foundation for money for stuff, since "you have your own fund"?
  • Peter also suggested that we need to coordinate with the GNU a11y folks as some things which needed funding are not necessarily part of GNOME (e.g. TTS)
  • Alejandro replied that he thought the need for additional funds was that we were having a second hackfest in the same year.
  • Peter asked how much different it would be to start up a new FoG campaign versus haing donations to the Foundation tagged with "for a11y."
  • Alejandro responded that the former would involve the marketing team promoting it, and that the latter could already be done by people making donations.
  • As for GNU, Peter would like to have discussions with Chris Hofstadter.

To Do

  • We need a plan:
    • Brian's email to Alejandro and Joanie also stated that we should put together a concrete plan for how the money will be used, showing items of clear value to our typical sponsors.
    • Joanie suggested that she and Alejandro were already working on making the wiki sponsor-friendly/attractive, but should take another look at making sure items of clear value jump out to would-be sponsors.
  • We should try to attend an upcoming Foundation Board meeting:
    • Also suggested by Brian
    • Alejandro will do so as part of his reply to the Foundation's update on available funds.
  • We need to apply for travel sponsorships yesterday:
    • Joanie suggested two weeks.
    • Alejandro and Peter each pointed out that it really needed to be done now.
    • The group agreed to a deadlilne of Thursday, 22 July (i.e. one week from today).

Agenda for the next meeting

(NOTE: Taken from the postponed agenda. Realistically, depending on what transpires with respect to funding, we might need to postpone these items -- or do email updates -- again.)

AEGIS Conference

  • Today is the deadline for seeking travel sponsorship from the Foundation!
  • Other Funding Issues/Updates
  • Schedule/Agenda Update
  • Other Updates


  • WNEC
  • LinuxCon-Brazil

  • Did Bryen provide his description to the gnome-accessibility-list?
  • Has the booth for CSUN 2011 been confirmed/paid for?

GNOME 3.0 Status

  • Reminder: Did you update your areas on the GNOME 3.0 Status page?

  • gnome-mag
  • GnomeVoiceControl and CSPI

  • With the new goal about gsettings migration, what we are going to do with things like:

    • Universal Access Preferences UI: it says a lot that the main use is modify gconf settings

    • Orca is already working on it
    • Main a11y gconf property "/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility", and relocate ones, "/desktop/gnome/interface/at-spi-corba" are defined on a *deprecated for years* library, libgnome
      • Should we use this gsettings migration as a good moment to move to a proper place?
      • Move it where?



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