Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of July 8st, 2010

  • When: Thursday, July 8st, 6:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS Conference


  • Peter Korn proposed (via email) a item about Qt and Meego
  • Although it would depend on 'if the Qt/TollTech/Nokia guys were to appear', we are going to include a point there (and move later if required).


  • No news from Fernando Herrera, so would assume that CENATIC hasn't arrived to a conclusion.
  • No other funding options found (and no Bryen present).
  • As Peter Korn said last week, we need to get in contact with foundation soon, using current personal data as a estimation.
  • We can search/found alternative funding sources later.


  • Qt/Meego point would require to accomodate a extra room on the hackfest.

Quartely reports

  • Bryen sent a mail to the list asking for the Quartely reports. Gently reminder.


  • Bryen and Steve were not present. No update.

CSUN 2011


  • Gently general reminder to update the page.
  • Directly ask danigm to update status about Evince.
  • GSettings
    • Goal has started
    • But several references to gconf, including the universal access preferences ui
    • It is viable a mixed environment where the ui manage gconf vars and gsettings ones?
    • People are not sure if the goal is mandatory or "as best as possible".
    • Alejandro Piñeiro also points that main gconf var ("/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility") is defined in a deprecated library lignome
    • This could be a good moment to move it to other place, where?
    • Mike Gorse thought that it was defined on at-spi2
      • Alejandro Piñeiro checked code, and that was not the case
    • Alejandro Piñeiro also ask about at-spi2 migration to g_settings.
      • Mike Gorse will start with it soon.
    • Conclusion: "probably at-spi is a good place to put it, further investigation is required"

Additional point


  • No time to talk about it, same status that previous minutes.

Agenda for the next meeting

Due our mail interchange with Foundation people, we have changed agenda to a unique point:

AEGIS Conference - Funding

  • Travel Sponsorships from GNOME
    • Attendees seeking GNOME Foundation travel sponsorship need to follow the process at http://live.gnome.org/Travel. ASAP.

    • We are still waiting to hear back from the Foundation regarding how much is available for travel.
  • Other Possibilities / Suggestions from Brian Cameron
    • Request a representative from a11y attend an upcoming Board meeting to discuss the need for funding.
    • Talk to Stormy about setting up a future Advisory Board meeting where someone from a11y could attend.
    • Put together a concrete plan for how the money will be used, showing items of clear value to our typical sponsors.
    • Discuss with the GNOME marketing community the idea of doing a Friends of GNOME Campaign for a11y.

Anyway, saving here the rest of the points, so we could use if we have time and for following meetings:

== AEGIS Conference ==
 * Funding
 * Schedule/Agenda
 * Other updates

 * !LinuxCon-Brazil
 * Did Bryen provide his description to the gnome-accessibility-list?
 * Has the booth for CSUN 2011 been confirmed/paid for?

== GNOME 3.0 Status ==
 * Reminder: Did you update your areas on the [[Accessibility/GNOME3 | GNOME 3.0 Status page]]?
 * gnome-mag
 * GnomeVoiceControl and CSPI
 * With the new goal about [[GnomeGoal/GSettingsMigration | gsettings migration]], what we are going to do with things like:
   * [[Accessibility/GNOME3#New_Universal_Access_Preferences_UI | Universal Access Preferences UI]]: it says a lot that the main use is modify gconf settings
   * Orca is already working on it
   * Main a11y gconf property "/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility", and relocate ones, "/desktop/gnome/interface/at-spi-corba" are defined on a *deprecated for years* library, libgnome
     * Should we use this gsettings migration as a good moment to move to a proper place?
     * Move it where?

== Documentation ==
 * Status on cleaning up our documentation for developers
   * http://library.gnome.org/devel/atk is the official documentation
   * Why don't we have a http://library.gnome.org/devel/at-spi? What would it take to get that done?
   * We've got to decide what to do about http://live.gnome.org/GAP (So we have not two, but three a11y sites!)
 * There's a http://balsa.gnome.org and a http://glade.gnome.org. Could/should we have an accessibility.gnome.org? (And if so, whom do we ask?)

== Other ==
 * https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=591258

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