Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of July 1st, 2010

  • When: Thursday, July 1st, 15:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS Conference


  • According to Alejandro PiƱeiro, Bryen (not present) will be the one putting together our application to the GNOME Foundation for funding, after we know the approximate number of people going and what the alternative funding sources are.
  • Peter Korn indicated that time is a concern, particularly in terms of affordable airfare to Europe.
  • Alejandro suggested we should try to coordinate with Bryen via email.
  • Fernando Herrera reported that there was no news regarding CENATIC funding, but that all the required paperwork had been sent in.


  • The hackfest agenda is still a work in progress.

  • Alejandro encouraged everyone to propose any additional topics on the list and we can update/adjust the agenda as needed.
  • Peter hopes to have more details about the testing session plans within a week.
  • Joanie will ping Shaun M about Documentation Day.


  • Joanie reported that Juanje Ojeda (not present) is looking for hotels for us. There is an existing list (English translation) which was created for a GNOME Hispano meeting. These places are not far from the venue, but are at the center of the city. Juanje said he would look for something closer to the venue, but this list can be used to guesstimate prices.

  • Fernando and Peter both suggested that it would make more sense to stay closer to the center due to it being closer to everything else (other than the University).


  • Peter reported that there was no word yet on whether or not we would have the second room which Joanie had requested for the 7th and 8th, but that we have one room for certain and should hear back soon regarding Joanie's request.
  • Alejandro stated we need power supplies and network access.
  • Peter replied that "we should have WiFi everywhere" and will request power strips once we have a count of attendees. He also mentioned that a projector and screen should be available.


CSUN 2011

  • We need to find out from Bryen (not present) or Eitan (not present) if the booth for CSUN 2011 has been confirmed.
  • Peter doesn't think we'll be wanting to do a Hackfest at CSUN, but said that could change.

Other Updates

Bryen sent the following updates to the gnome-accessibility-list:

  • "July 14th - Michael Gorse and I will be visiting Wesleyan University in Connecticut, headquarters for the HFOSS.org program this year. We'll be giving talks about GNOME-A11y and meeting with the student interns that are working on the Dasher project with Patrick Welche."
  • "LinuxCon-Brasil - Work is in progress to give a talk at the conference September 1 on the topic of GNOME-A11y in the Workplace. Funding for traveling to Sao Paolo is still up in the air. Will let you all know if this is a go or not. My goal is to also stage a community-day event outside of LinuxCon where hopefully we can meet folks who use a11y tools and hear and engage in conversations with them as well."


  • In addition to some documentation being outdated, Alejandro believes there are too many places to search (and clean up), and also instances of replicated data such as:
  • Alejandro asked if we should try to focus on one or if we should continue to have two accessibility pages.
  • Joanie pointed out that the other issue is the technical documentation exists in multiple places and there is no obvious "right" set of docs. She recommended doing a "document purge," i.e. google ourselves, locate old documentation, and get it removed. After that, we can update the single, remaining set of docs. She thinks that technical documentation should live on http://library.gnome.org, but wasn't sure about Alejandro's question regarding live.gnome.org versus projects.gnome.org.

  • There was some discussion about what other projects do. (The conclusion was that different projects do different things.)
  • Because Li had volunteered to update outdated information, we will check with him at the next meeting for an update.
  • "Pendulum" suggested that we could split up the task of a general review of documentation.
  • Joanie volunteered to figure out what *most* of the GNOME community is doing with respect to project.gnome.org versus live.gnome.org.

Agenda for the next meeting

(Feel free to add points here)

AEGIS Conference

  • Funding
  • Schedule/Agenda
  • Other updates


  • WNEC
  • LinuxCon-Brazil

  • Did Bryen provide his description to the gnome-accessibility-list?
  • Has the booth for CSUN 2011 been confirmed/paid for?

GNOME 3.0 Status

  • Reminder: Did you update your areas on the GNOME 3.0 Status page?

    • Who is the 'point person' for Evince? Perhaps he could update the Evince status?

  • gnome-mag
  • GnomeVoiceControl and CSPI

  • With the new goal about gsettings migration, what we are going to do with things like:

    • Universal Access Preferences UI: it says a lot that the main use is modify gconf settings

    • Orca is already working on it
    • Main a11y gconf property "/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility", and relocate ones, "/desktop/gnome/interface/at-spi-corba" are defined on a *deprecated for years* library, libgnome
      • Should we use this gsettings migration as a good moment to move to a proper place?
      • Move it where?



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