Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of June 24th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, June 24th, 06:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS conference


  • Fernando Herrera prepared the draft and submitted to Jose María Casanova who filled the GNOME Hispano data. He sent it today to GNOME Hispano president (the one who has to sign the application) and the president will submit it tomorrow before the deadline.
  • Bryen's intent is to start dividing up what needs to be funded and then start figuring out who to target and ask for money.


  • Bryen will email the gnome-accessibility-list asking people who might want to attend the event to sign up on the wish list.
  • Alejandro Piñeiro and Joanie have been working on the hackfest schedule/agenda on the wiki. It's still a work in progress, but tentatively Monday and Tuesday will be more formal/scheduled sessions, Wednesday less so, and Thursday and Friday more free-form.

  • Bryen stated that we need to be clear about the hackfest goals.
  • Joanie identified testing, documentation, gnome 3.0 bug fixing, and outreach as the goals.
  • Joanie asked Bryen to fill in the outreach-related information on the "detailed" schedule page.

  • There are no updates from Alejandro Leiva (on vacation) or Juanje Ojeda (has been ill).


  • HFOSS is on track and the students are working with Patrick Welche on a game-mode for Dasher.

  • The Western New England College (WNEC) semester course funded by the NSF will likely to be focusing on Caribou as their fall semester project.
  • Bryen has not yet written up a description to the list defining Outreach, HFOSS, and the relationship between them. He will do that soon. But the executive summary he provided was: "in a nutshell, right now Outreach is interfacing anything and everything that isn't directly developer related for GNOME-A11y. A lthough I hope to clarify and whittle down that role somewhat."
  • Bryen indicated that he may be speaking at LinuxCon-Brazil, pending confirmation of coverage of travel expenses.

CSUN 2011

  • Eitan was not present for the meeting.
  • Bryen indicated that we can make a decision about whether or not to have a hackfest later in the year; the immediate issue is whether or not we want to have a booth and presentations.
  • Those at the meeting were supportive of having a booth and presentations. Bryen stated that he would communicate our desires to the board and that the board would fund the deposit on the booth.

GNOME 3.0 items status


  • Fer contacted Carlos García (Kal) and he will be looking this week at the gnome-mag code to remove the bonobo code, finish the dbus API and ensure that it matches the gs-mag API consumed by orca."


  • GnomeVoiceControl uses CSPI, which is deprecated.

  • Fernando Herrera had indicated that the Consorcio is funding some work to improve GnomeVoiceControl for Spanish users, and that perhaps we could convince the company doing the work (INTELLIGENT DIALOGUE SYSTEMS S.L.) to port GnomeVoiceControl to python.

  • Joanie questioned if that was sufficient/ideal or if there would be any value in resurrecting CSPI.
  • Discussion:
    • Luke stated it is just as easy to talk direct dbus.
    • Bryen said that more "stuff" means more maintenance.
    • Trev pointed out that python is slower, sometimes to the extent of not being an ideal solution.
    • Joanie asked Luke when bonobo, etc. would be removed from Ubuntu because Guadalinex is based on Ubuntu.
    • Luke replied that it would not be for a while (likely, maverick+1)
    • Joanie suggested that we should give the Consorcio a "heads up" on this issue, just to be sure they know what the situation is.
  • No conclusions were reached about what to do with respect to CSPI.

Orca + SpeechDispatcher/OpenTTS

  • At the very end of the meeting, Joanie asked Luke about the Bug for moving to SpeechDispatcher for GNOME 3 and what additional work (if any) would be needed in order to close that bug out. In particular, what Luke does in Ubuntu.

  • Luke responded that all he's done is set the default to the speech-dispatcher factory for orca, and that he thinks removing gnome-speech entirely is not yet the right thing to do at the moment.
  • Joanie asked Luke to attach a patch to the bug with the changes he makes for Ubuntu so that the change could be pushed to master and the bug closed.
  • Luke indicated he would do so the next day.

Developer Documentation

Reviewing and updating the current documentation

  • On the gnome-accessibility-devel list, Alan Coopersmith indicated that there were some duplicated and incomplete a11y docs. Li confirmed this was the case.

  • Joanie asked if anyone could review the content and location(s) of the gnome a11y docs.
  • Li indicated that he could do this.

Documentation for Distros

  • Bryen asked if we have documentation which will give distros the information they need to be accessibility-compliant.
  • Joanie pointed out the short smoke testing page and the Developers Guide

Agenda for the next meeting

(Feel free to add points here)

AEGIS Conference

  • Funding
  • Schedule/Agenda
  • Other updates


  • WNEC
  • LinuxCon-Brazil

  • Did Bryen provide his description to the gnome-accessibility-list?
  • Are we all set with respect to the board securing us a booth at CSUN 2011?

GNOME 3.0 Status


  • Status on cleaning up our documentation for developers

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