Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of June 10th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, June 10th, 6:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

AEGIS conference

  • Some days ago Fernando Herrera suggested to use CENATIC sponsorships
    • Link here (in spanish).

    • In order to ask it, you require to be a spanish organization
    • He sent a mail to GNOME hispano asking about opinions about it
    • Jose María Casanova said that they already decided to ask it for GUADEC-ES, but shouldn't be a problem to ask two sporsorships
    • Anyway, Fernando Herrera suggested that a fallback option would be use a company
    • For the moment Fernando Herrera will start the paperwork without setting the real organization while checking the details
  • About funding, Bryen has also another ideas (in previous mails), but he is not present, we will talk about other day
  • Bryen sent a mail asking for local developers in order to ask local people to help
    • Fernando Herrera confirmed that he lives in Madrid
    • Alejandro Leiva, Daniel Garcia Moreno and Juanje Ojeda lives there
    • They will contact Peter Korn in order to check the current status, and what other things are required to coordinate
    • Ie: the real place of the hackfest/conference. AEGIS page just says "Seville"
  • Joanie pointed out that we need a schedule agenda.
    • It can be just a prototype, but it should be more complete that the current (missing) one
  • Some people asked if it was announced.
    • Alejandro Piñeiro wrote a post on p.g.o in his personal blog

    • Probably more announcement is required


  • Bryen couldn't attend the meeting
  • Steve Lee told us that there isn't anything to report about
  • Joanmarie Diggs fears that we could lose the connection due the current loosely organization
  • Steve Lee said that they will try to organize a second Outreach meeting

GNOME 3.0 items status

  • Alejandro Piñeiro start a talk about current atk-bridge localization and bugs related
    • one bug and other bug

    • Mike Gorse and Li Yuan talk about it
    • Some ideas and suggestions:
      • Alejandro Piñeiro still thinks that it is not harmful to make public gtk_find_module method (more information here

      • Li Yuan uses GTK_PATH on OpenSolaris. Although Piñeiro and Mike Gorse thinks that by default is unset, Piñeiro will try it.

      • Set a new g_setting for the location of atk-bridge

Agenda for the next meeting

AEGIS Hackfest

  • Update status
  • Bryen: extra funding ideas
  • schedule
  • More announcement ? (further p.g.o)


  • gnome-mag is still in the air, no volunteers, the problem is still here
  • Was the live page updated?



  • New meetings
  • They have contacted them related to Patrick mentorship?

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