Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of June 03th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, June 03th, 15:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log


Topics Discussed

GNOME 3.0 items status

  • In the previous meeting it was detected that some GNOME 3 items on the gnome live page are outdated.

  • It was suggested that any maintainer/developer should review the page an update it properly.


  • Brief debate about the current situation
  • Carlos sent a mail explaining that although it is almost done, there are still some things to do, but he can't do that, so he asked for a volunteer.

  • No volunteer appeared yet :(

  • clown will take a look here, but he is too busy right now with GS-mag to manage it by himself
  • Updated risk from medium to high
  • This is important as the idea is have the same dbus API for gnome-mag and GS-mag


  • Brief talk between Bryen and Patrick Welche talked briefly about it.
  • HFOSS has started already so they need to contact them quickly.


  • jpwhiting made a brief update. qt-atspi2 was moved from codethink repositories to gitorious ones.

AEGIS conference

  • Peter Korn updates the information about it (remember, we have a http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/HackfestAEGIS2010

  • Status:
    • We have our room for Monday & Tuesday; we should have a room Wednesday as well (still waiting to confirm that)

    • We have a room on Saturday morning if we want it
    • We will have a number of AEGIS GNOME hackers present (Full list not yet confirmed)
    • We have support for a GNOME Foundation booth
    • We have received a number of papers relating to GNOME accessibility, and we will be reviewing all papers in the coming weeks, accepting some, rejecting others...
  • Things to do:
    • Figure out who is coming
    • Secure travel funds for them that needs it
    • Finalize our agenda for what we want to talk about (a small "inner-circle cabal" has sketched out some ideas, but nothing mature enough to present)
    • Hotel recommendation
  • The foundation was contacted, so they are aware about it
  • Right we can say that there are a hackfest, although we still need to check people and fund
    • Both concepts are related
  • Korn proposed to create a "Hope to attend" sub section on the page
  • Alejandro Piñeiro propose to start to make public announcements (ie: planet gnome) in order to ask people to fill it.
  • Bryen also volunteer to organize the communication, and the booth
  • Peter Korn ask Alejandro Piñeiro and Joanmarie to try to organize hackfest agenda
  • Part of the agenda (Saturday 9th) depends on the Boston Summit, Joanmarie will try to contact John Palmieri
  • Finally: we will have a poster room, where individual projects can have posters up

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