Minutes for Accessibility IRC Meeting of May 20th, 2010

  • When: Thursday, May 20th, 15:00 UTC
  • Where: irc.gnome.org, #a11y

Meeting Log

Topics Discussed

C&P from the summary sent to the mailing list


  • ryan22 suggested that the accessibility frameworks should be less DE independent.
  • He pointed that there are some issues of orca with xfce
  • As this seemed too big for the #a11y meeting the conclusion was that this would be managed first in the orca mailing list.


  • Attended by SJ, slee, stormy, and Bryen
  • Identified a number of areas we need to grow in. Evangelism, formalizing the structure for student internship programs, and funding to pay for the above.

AEGIS Conference:

  • Bryen pointed out Peter Korn idea about a GNOME Hackfest on the AEGIS Conference, similar to the CSUN one.
  • Some people started to point out interesting points to talk there:
    • prlw1: non-python dbus related things, XINPUT2
    • Steve Lee: Caribou
    • etc
  • In the end Joan Marie Diggs pointed GNOME 3.0, so in summary:
    •     "Not saying what we did in the past wasn't important; merely that
          AEGIS is happening 2 weeks after the 3.0 release, which seems like
          a good time to sit down and solve actual, concrete problems while
          we're all in the same room"
  • And the conclusion was given by Bryen:
    •     "let's start planning on discussing the hackfest over the next
          month (June) so we can identify what our needs are and what
          resources we have available to make it happen"


  • The primary mentor for HFOSS is out due personal reasons.
  • There isn't too much time to coordinate it.
  • This means that we now have neither a mentor, nor a proposal that
    • will work well. Proposals are required.
  • During a brief brainstorming:
    • Bryen said that final proposal was Mousetrap.
    • Steve Lee asked about Caribou. dpellicer said
    • prlw1 suggested a game mode for dasher
    • ryan22 suggested: enchant or aspell could be to support the "dyslexic spell checker"
    • Steve Lee pointed main links:
      •           May 20 17:46:54 <slee>        http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/GetInvolved/SmallTasks
                  May 20 17:47:05 <slee>        http://live.gnome.org/Accessibility/GetInvolved
                  May 20 17:47:43 <slee>        and if you have lots of time
                  May 20 17:47:45 <slee>        https://bugzilla.gnome.org/buglist.cgi?keywords=accessibility;query_format=advanced;keywords_type=allwords;bug_status=UNCONFIRMED;bug_status=NEW;bug_status=ASSIGNED;bug_status=REOPENED;bug_status=NEEDINFO
    • Joanie suggested to look from the non-a11y side of things
      • Bryen pointed that this is a goal for the NSF project
    • prlw1: scanning interface

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