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A11y BoF - GUADEC 2013

6 August ~ Brno, Czech Repbulic


LibreOffice + Orca

  • Introduced the Red Hat developers to how to debug their GUI implementation using Orca and Accerciser
  • Identified several bugs and their causes/fixes in a "typical" new LO dialog
  • A11y fixes resulting from the Red Hat fixes will be put back into Fedora 19

Text Boundaries in ATK/AT-SPI2

  • Identified new (and final) way to move forward.
  • Description sent to the gnome-accessibility-devel list
  • Prototype written (tests pending) for at-spi2-core, at-spi2-atk and atk

AT-SPI and Key Snooping and X, Oh My!

  • Performance is an issue but we don't know why. Must profile!
  • Piñeiro and Keith (core X developer) discussed various means to implement this
  • Possibility of Orca/ATs registering keys they might wish to consume (i.e. so apps don't have wait for the never-consumed events)
  • Listen to mouse events via xinput2.


  • Number 1 priority: Add settings to gsettings-desktop-schemas (API freeze is 19 August and the magnifier depends on the settings).
  • Magdalen will restore her jhbuild environment and test her current changes. Then she will make Joseph's suggested changes and submit a new patch.
  • Next step is to work on the GUI and get it as far as possible before GSoC ends.

Default/Enabled Keyboard Shortcuts for Starting/Stopping ATs

  • Piñeiro talked to Jakub about this issue. Jakub suggested Super as the modifier.
  • Piñeiro will file a bug and submit a patch.


Focus and Caret Tracking

  • Can we remove the Gtk3 module? What functionality would we lose?
  • After the tracker has been added to gnome-shell, can Caribou use it?
  • Should the new tracker notify clients about extents (widget, caret) since both the magnifier and caribou calculate them in response to the events?


  • Daiki demonstrated a work-in-progress, but already pretty functional scanning mode. (See bug 697168)

  • Some bugs were discovered during this demo.
  • We should target this as a proposed new feature for 3.12, both because of bugs and because of the need for a GUI which will require Design Team input.

Input and Layouts

  • Design Team help needed:
    • How to switch between input and layouts
    • How and where to select predictive text
  • Add i18n layouts (Alexander provided Russian layout)
  • maybe add a tool to generate layout files

UI for Magnifier Tint

  • Piñeiro will talk to the Design Team about this.

Deprecated Events Need Deprecating

  • Our decision to deprecate the focus: event (in favor of object:state-changed:focused) seems to be something only we know.
  • We need to properly deprecate this event and give a heads-up to the appropriate parties

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