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Grace Hopper Open Source Day 2012


Accessibility Bug Triaging is Hard, But Don't Go Shopping!

Triaging accessibility bugs can be difficult given there are so many places any given bug could be: In the assistive technology, in the accessibility libraries, in the application being accessed, or in that application's toolkit. But with a little bit of Accessibility 101 and the love of a good challenge, you too can become an incredible source of help to our small team.


You'll need a machine with GNOME 3.6 installed. If you don't have one, please bring a performant laptop with VirtualBox installed. You will also want to be sure you have enabled virtualization technology support in your BIOS. If you are unsure how to do either of these things, please contact a facilitator at or before the start of the session.

Please bring headphones if possible for use with Orca.

You will be provided with a USB drive with a virtual machine image of Fedora 18 (GNOME 3.6) which you will install at the beginning of the session. The introductory content below will be presented and discussed so that everyone has an overview of what Orca is and how GNOME Accessibility works, along with some strategies to accomplish the tasks for today.

Presentation Content

Bugs to Triage (and Optionally Fix)


  1. Pick one of the bugs below to triage.
  2. Indicate you are working on this bug by adding your name.
  3. Use the flow diagram and triage the bug.
  4. Once the bug has been triaged and updated in Bugzilla, pick another bug.
  5. Optional: If you think you can fix the bug, you will find git and the GNOME development libraries on your VM.


  1. When in doubt, ask. We're glad you are here and happy to help you. :)

  2. See number 1.

Bug List

Bug Description

First Name

Orca doesn't announce the window name while cycling via alt+esc


Slowness with Orca if using control-center 3.6

Orca not reading changed text in Libreoffice in right way


LibreOffice Writer text not spoken after the application regains focus


In Thunderbird 14.0 e-mail address auto completion results are not spoken


In Nautilus iconview Orca doesn't announce always the file selection changes


Setting dynamic row header and dynamic column header keystroke not always work


orca 3.3.4-0 ubuntu precise daily 1/29/12. transmission-gtk does not read torrent list

Orca does speak position index in GNOME panel submenus


Orca sometimes crashes when Firefox is quit


Totem movie player utube results not presented by Orca


Orca repeats the To: field info when Tabbing in Thunderbird message composition window


Orca repeats typed characters in Thunderbird message composition window


Orca isn't speaking the right selection state changes in Writer


Window title spoken when shift tabbing to headers in thunderbird


Evolution's "Show" and "in" combo boxes items are not accessible with Orca


Orca does not update Braille when deleting openoffice autoinsertion

evolution message list should accessible via orca


Missing accessible names on toggle buttons and images in UI


Orca is unable to speak the usernames/IM names of chat participants in flat review


Orca keybindings not working in empathy

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