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A11yCamp 2012 @ GUADEC

What is A11yCamp?

A11yCamp an unconference designed to help improve GNOME Accessibility wherever we can. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Automated Testing
  • Bug Triaging
  • Design
  • Distro Issues
  • Documentation
  • Free desktop Accessibility / GNOME Accessibility beyond GNOME
  • GNOME 3.6 and Accessibility Always On
  • Hacking on Accessibility
  • Hacking and ensuring Accessibility
  • Improving collaboration with other teams
  • Marketing
  • New Assistive Technologies
  • Performance
  • Your Topic Here

Bring your curiosity and questions, your eagerness to learn, your experiences to share, and your willingness to roll up your sleeves to Get Stuff Done. Quite a few members of the GNOME Accessibility Team will be present at this year's GUADEC. So let's take advantage of us all being in the same place.

When and Where is A11yCamp?

A11yCamp will be held on the 30th and 31st July after the GUADEC core days in A Coruña, Spain. This is an open event, but if you plan to participate, we encourage you to sign up, add the topics of your interest, and the times you are available.

Note: We also hope to make participation remotely available via at least IRC.


If you will not be at GUADEC but will able to participate remotely please let us know under "availability."




Topics of Interest

Alejandro Piñeiro

Accessibility, Release Team

full day, both days, in person

anything and everything

Joanmarie Diggs

Accessibility, Foundation Board

full day, both days, in person

anything and everything

Juanjo Marin

Marketing, Accessibility

full day, both days, in person

I like everything, maybe Marketing, ensuring/checking a11y and design are in my top

Alejandro Leiva


full day, both days, in person

Orca, Accerciser, Compiz Accessibility plugin/Focus & Caret Tracking

Javier Hernández


both days, in person

anything and everything

Mario Sánchez Prada


first day, in person


Meg Ford


first day, in person

High Contrast themes, accessible design

Daniel García


both days, in person

evince accessibility

Andre Klapper

Bugsquad, Release Team, I18N Coordination, etc

first day, in person

Bugs! Lots of them!

Rubén Rodríguez

Trisquel, Dextrose

full day, both days, in person

anything and everything

Adam Dingle


first day, in person

Geary email client


GSoc 2012

full day, both days, in person

Speech recognition and everything

Joseph Scheuhammer


first day: from 6pm CET, second day: from 4pm CET, remote (EDT)


D.S. Ljungmark


Part of both days, attending the hackfest as well

Organized testing

Proposed Sessions

Have a session you would like to give? Have a session you would like to see happen? Please share it here.

Accessibility Bug Triaging is Hard, But Don't Go Shopping!

Triaging accessibility bugs can be quite challenging given there are so many places any given bug could be: In the assistive technology, in the accessibility libraries, in the application being accessed, or in that application's toolkit. GNOME has an awesome Bugsquad, and with a little bit of Accessibility 101, they could become an incredible source of help to our small team. Let's get together and get each other up to speed.

Session page

Coming Out of the FoG

The Friends of GNOME Campaign is drawing to a close. We need to prioritize our must-haves and determine how we feel it would be best to allocate these funds so that we can present our needs to the Foundation Board.

Accessibility Always On: Are We Ready?

The original proposal for GNOME 3.6 was just changing the default value of 'toolkit-accessibility' to TRUE. But although the bridge would not register to events and start to emit DBUS messages unless some AT is listening, it is true that legacy apps using GTK2 or older ATK implementation doesn't have those stability/performance improvements that was part of the reasons this feature was proposed. In the same way, just loading a module (atk-bridge, that could not be installed at the moment) by default is still not a good solution (another hack over hack). So the solution to be implemented is librarify atk-bridge, and add a new dependency on the modules involved. We are actively working to ensure that these changes are fine for all applications and toolkits impacted by this change. But we really need to be sure that we haven't forgotten anything -- and fix anything we have.

Sugar/OLPC Accessibility

Sugar is moving towards the use of more of the GNOME Platform. This bodes well for an accessible Sugar/OLPC. What will begin to JustWork(tm)? What remains to be done?

Marketing Accessibility

Accessibility is part of the GNOME identity that we should reflect in any Marketing action in a coherent way. This year the Marketing Team has run a Friend of GNOME campaign to raise funds for accessibility work and some material was produce for this.

The purpose of this session is to discuss how to communicate effectively the accessibility values of GNOME in the Marketing materials, taking a look to past actions and looking for new ideas.

Accessible Email Clients

Did you know the email client of choice of most Orca users is Mutt with Alpine being the other contender? That's because Evolution accessibility has gone from bad to practically non-existent, and Thunderbird has long-standing accessibility bugs which make its use problematic at best. :( We either need to get one of these clients fixed, or we need to find some other candidate client GNOME users who are blind can use.

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