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Open Help Conference - Brainstorming Page

What is the Open Help Conference?

The Open Help Conference "features two days of presentations and open discussions. In true open source spirit, (the) discussions and agenda are led by (the) attendees, allowing you to learn and share what matters to you most. With some of the most interesting people in the industry, the Open Help Conference showcases the ideas that are shaping the future of help. Following the conference, multiple teams take part in the Open Help Sprints, collaborative team meetings where people put ideas to work."

The Open Help Conference organizer, Shaun McCance, wants to ensure that docs people have a greater awareness of accessibility and know how to create more accessible help. He's asked our team for input. Input can include:

  • Giving a presentation at the Open Help Conference
  • Sharing our knowledge, ideas, and experiences with Shaun who will in turn integrate that into the conference

Your Ideas Here

People with ideas they want to share are encouraged to do so on this brainstorming page. Let's create a document that Shaun can use to ensure that everyone has the most accessible help possible.

  • Accessible formats, accessible tools for the consumers and tools for the production of accessible documentation
  • Special care when media information is added (Pictures, Movies, Voice recording) and the information should be provided as well in alternative ways.

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