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This is GNOME's development and community organization space. To learn how to use the wiki, see the guidelines.

Wiki Areas

The main sections of the wiki include:

  • Applications - links to pages for individual GNOME applications

  • Projects - links to GNOME modules which aren't apps (system components, libraries, tools)

  • Teams & Activities - links to the various teams which work on the GNOME project

  • Events - conferences and hackfests

  • Initiatives - GNOME-wide initiatives

  • Foundation - GNOME's non-profit organization

  • Infrastructure - GNOME-hosted services and tools (includes information on GNOME Accounts)

Project Information

  • GettingInTouch - an overview of the main communication platforms and channels

  • GetNews - the main GNOME social media channels

  • Governance - how the GNOME project is organized and governed

Contributing to GNOME

Want to help make GNOME awesome? All the teams and projects on the wiki are open to new contributors, and have guidance on how to get involved.

  • How to contribute - contribution guides

  • Newcomers - an introductory tutorial for GNOME development

  • Outreach - internships are available to work on GNOME, including Outreachy and Google Summer of Code

Development Resources

Main development sites:

Other useful resources:

Some Interesting Things

Translation to other languages

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